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Top Money Saving Apps You Need to Download ASAP

Earlier this week I did the totally necessary job of cleaning out my purse and was almost instantly overwhelmed with paperwork. There were doctor’s notes, coupons, receipts, thank you cards, to-d0 lists, and weeks-old grocery lists. Even though everything except for the grocery-lists were current I felt like a paper hoarder. Even though I’m completely disorganized with receipts, I try to gather them together every week so I can scan them into my phone for my rebates and cash back. 

The top money saving apps you need to earn cash back on your purchases. Via Honey and Pine #shopping #apps #budgeting #budget

My mom always told me never to leave money on the table so I’m always careful to watch for sales, use coupons when I have them, take advantage of BOGOs, and score rebates when I can. I’m not an extreme couponers by any means but if I can save $1.00 on something I was going to buy anyway, I’m going to do it. Plus, it’s too easy these days with so many apps available. I mean, there are tons of coupon, rebate, and store-specific apps. More storage is basically the #1 reason I’m planning to upgrade my iPhone. Once I get a new phone I’ll have all the apps but until then, I’m sharing my top favorites below.

The top money savings apps you need to earn cash back on your purchases. Via Honey and Pine #shopping #apps #budgeting #budget

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is one of the easiest apps to use. They are interested in market research and you’re paid just for snapping pictures of your receipts. It’s so simple. You can shop anywhere you’d like, buy anything you want, then take a picture of your receipt. You can share receipts for gas, home goods, electronics, housewares, groceries, restaurants, etc. Literally, anything. Different receipts earn different rewards like tokens to play the hog slots or coins you redeem for cash. The hog slots offer cash rewards and coins you can redeem for cash back. As you share receipts you’re also entered into drawings to win free shopping trips and higher amounts of cash back. Once you’ve earned enough coins for a minimum $20 in cash, you redeem them for cash back through Paypal or as an Amazon gift card. 

Since every single receipt you have qualifies you for a reward, it’s unbelievably easy to use. This app has become so popular that you now have to apply as a user but when I applied I was accepted immediately. I can’t confirm, but I believe it has to do with how many other shoppers match your demographic profile in your area. Still, it’s worth trying because you can earn good rewards


There’s a reason ibotta is one of the most popular money saving apps around – it’s freakin’ phenomenal! Almost every store imaginable on there – Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Best Buy, American Eagle, PetSmart – but they are also connected with sites like and Groupon. If you shop there, it’s likely on ibotta. Groceries are our #1 budget buster and I do most of my grocery shopping at Kroger, Target, or Walmart. I’ll usually sit down and review their weekly ads then work my meal plan (see tips for meal planning) and grocery lists around those items. Then, I’ll review Kroger Krazy for any related Kroger coupons and flip through coupons I already have on hand. When that’s done I’ll check ibotta for anything that is offering a rebate. I’ll usually find items that are already on my list. I add them to my deals and after I’ve finished shopping I scan the receipt and my rebates are instantly applied to my account. I’m usually able to redeem at least $20 cash back out of ibotta every week.

As an extra bonus, ibotta lets you build teams. As you build teams, you earn more rewards because ibotta applies bonuses if you, as a team, redeem enough values. So, join my team then invite your mom, sister, best friend, neighbor, co-worker, etc. to build your own team and earn even more each week. It’s not a shady scheme because all you’re doing is earning rewards on items you’re purchasing anyway.

The top money saving apps you need to earn cash back on your purchases. Via Honey and Pine #shopping #apps #budgeting #budget


BerryCart addresses the #1 gripe people have about eating healthy – it’s too expensive! This app focuses on cash back rewards for all-natural, organic, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO foods. Since my husband is a vegetarian, I use this app a lot! He loves Sweet Earth burritos, bacon, and breakfast sandwiches. I almost always find cash back rewards on those items. They are usually $4+ per item but if I have a coupon and a rebate I can often get them for $2 or less which is a great perk to my wallet. There are a lot of deals for things like tofu, fruit, vegetables, drinks, nut butters, and more. You can preview their current coupon deals on their website to see what might be beneficial for your family.

Just like the other apps, you can use BerryCart with any store and all you have to do is select the reward(s) then snap a picture of your receipt. Once the receipt(s) is accepted and you’ve earned enough rewards, cash out via Paypal.


Shopkick is another of my favorite money saving apps and this one rewards you just for walking into the store! You have to allow it to access the microphone but once you it knows when you’ve entered the store and adds kicks to your account. There are four ways you can earn kicks (rewards:

  1. Walking into the store
  2. Scanning items on their list
  3. Sharing your receipts
  4. Linking your store reward card

I have it linked to my Kroger card. Since I’m there all the time I earn a lot of kicks through this app. Right now, there are over 3,800 kicks available at Kroger alone. The holidays are almost upon us and right now if I bought Mars chocolate favorites at Kroger I could scan the items for 25 kicks and share my receipt for another 150 kicks. Once you’ve earned enough kicks you’re able to redeem them for store gift cards. I usually request Target gift cards and then stock up on stuff for our home. I recommend it, you know you’ll be at Target eventually anyway. 😉 

Do you have any other favorite money saving apps? Tweet me @ashleyfromhp or drop them in the comments below.