The Top 3 Reasons You Should Stop Reading a Blog

Lately I’ve gone through a phase of disconnecting from some of the blogs I read; some of them I’ve read for years. There are no hard feelings between me and the other bloggers, no offensive posts or disagreements, there’s no reason really other than we just don’t jive anymore. Once upon a time we clicked, and now we don’t. It’s no big deal. Although, it is kind of a big deal.

I mean, it’s a big deal because as a blogger myself I know how it feels to see a number drop (and trust me, even if it’s just one number, we notice and we hurt). We sometimes can’t help but take it personally. We internalize the pain and question our self-worth. We wonder, “What did I do wrong? Why did they leave me?” and we think about trying to track them down so we can cyber-stalk them and beg them to take us back (or not…is that crazy?). It just sucks, but it’s a necessary thing sometimes and I felt like maybe I owed those bloggers an explanation or maybe other bloggers (like *ahem* myself) who’ve lost a follower (or two, or twelve, or twenty) might read this and learn to Q-TIP (quit taking it personally).

The top 3 reasons you should stop reading a blog and move on to new blogging friends. Via Honey & Pine #blogging #bloggingtips #bloggingadvice

So, without much more further ado…

Here are three reasons you should stop reading a blog…

Are you ready?

You’re in different seasons of life

Ecclesiates 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” and that’s 100% true. When I was in college, I read college blogs but when I graduated and started a career I couldn’t quite relate to those old college blogs the way I did before graduation. Some of those bloggers also graduated and their blogs aged with them to talk about life as a young adult, first careers, first apartments, etc. Some of those bloggers went on to grad school and transitioned to writing about that phase of life. Some of those bloggers continue to write about college life so they could help a new generation of kids navigate that phase in their own life journey. After college I quit reading some of those blogs and continued reading others. I needed content that was relatable to me in my current stage of life. No offense to those bloggers but they didn’t jive with me anymore.

The same goes for reading career blogs if I became a SAHM, reading mommy blogs when I’m not a mother, or reading marriage blogs (like mine) when you’re single. Sometimes you just don’t connect on that level and if that’s the case, maybe you should stop reading them and find blogs that you do connect with on that level.

The posts aren’t relatable

Does that sound like the same thing I just mentioned? Well, it’s not. On the first hand it’s all about being in different places in life but here I mean that you may be in the same place in life but you’re not on the same page. 

For example: Why would you read a mommy blog if that mommy blog is all about organic green-living and wellness while you’re the kind of mom that bakes high-sugar treats and encourages video games over gardening? 

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Why would you read a faith-based blog if you don’t believe in or share the faith? Why read a blog about starting your own business when you’ve been in business for 5+ years already? Why read a book blog if they only review romance but you’re a non-fiction reader? Maybe you’re in the same phase but if you aren’t on the same page, quit reading. 

You receive no value

You’re not going to leave every post a blogger writes with a wealth of new knowledge and inspiration but you should leave most of them feeling like they added something to your life. If they don’t, why are you reading them? We all take the occasional post to write about ourselves, give life updates, share little insights, but if the majority of the posts that blog shares don’t teach, inspire, encourage, or otherwise contribute value to your life then what’s the point of being there? 

I know that some blogs you stick with just because they are funny (humorous people are great!) or others are just down-to-earth and likable. That’s cool, keep reading those if you love them (I do) but if you feel like you’ve lost that connection, or if you’ve quit that hobby, or if your house is fully decorated and you’re content, it’s ok to stop reading. It really is. You have your own dreams (I’m sure of it) so maybe you should get out there and hustle for them!

It’s ok. It really is. You have the right to say good-bye and good luck to blogs you don’t connect with anymore. If you don’t connect with me anymore, you shouldn’t be here (although I’m really glad you are and I love you madly). 

You should build relationships with people that make you happy, that encourage you, that inspire you, that teach you, that make you laugh, that make you feel good, and that make you feel empowered. If you’re no longer getting that from a blog, you shouldn’t be reading it.

Have you stopped reading any blog lately? Why do you quit reading?

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  1. I found myself walking away from a lot of recovery based blogs/instagrams/friends even. It still resonates with me on the level that yes, I’m in recovery, but my life isn’t ABOUT recovery anymore, even if I do talk about it sometimes. And I so agree with the mommy blogs that are different from who you are. I had to stop reading some that were mom fashion blogs or home decor because I just don’t have the time and with six kids, I’m not going to have the pretty white couch with beige rugs

  2. You hit the nail on the head with this! I’ve been re-evaluating a lot of the blogs I read lately. Different seasons of life is a big one!

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