The Best Life Advice for Women

I’m always searching for ways to work on self-improvement. It doesn’t matter how great you are right now you can always be just a little bit better. It’s not anything I stress about but it is something that I try to be mindful of during my day-to-day life.

  • Am I rushing too much in the morning? Then I could get up a little bit earlier.
  • Did I find myself in a situation where I was unprepared? Then I could plan just a little bit better.
  • Am I broke before payday? Then I could budget and save just a little bit more.

That kind of thing. As I’ve journeyed along I occasionally stumble upon quotes or words of wisdom that seem applicable and really stick with me. I’ve clipped articles into Evernote, written notes on post-its that I have up at my desk at work and pinned about a bajillion quotes on Pinterest.

Looking to live a more relaxed and stress-free life? I have curated the best life advice for women right here which can help you do exactly that! Via Honey and Pine

Looking to live a more relaxed and stress-free life? I have curated the best life advice for women right here which can help you do exactly that! Via Honey and Pine

This is some of the best life advice for women that I’ve seen:

Although, obviously, it’s not going to apply to all women at all times.

Understand the Difference Between Needs and Wants

You most likely already have everything you need. Remember that your needs are very basic: shelter, food, essential clothing, etc. Your list of wants may be endless (I know mine is) but the focus of your desires should be on recognizing how blessed you are for having your basic needs met when so many struggle for clean water.

(Interested in helping others achieve clean water? Check out one of my favorite organizations – Charity:Water)

Take Time for Yourself

Find the time to have a few minutes to yourself.

This may mean waking up 30 minutes earlier than the rest of your family or stopping for a 15-minute post-work coffee break before heading home but it’s essential to remember that you are valuable, you are important and you deserve to have a few minutes of your day set aside to take care of yourself.

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Resist the Temptation of Comparison

Comparing ourselves to others is the first step toward a life of misery. There will always be someone who is thinner, prettier, wealthier, more talented or more successful than you are; that’s just the nature of man. No one is perfect and it’s important that we recognize our own strengths (and weaknesses) rather than thinking we have to be able to do and be all things.

Say “Yes!”

Have you seen that movie “Yes Man” starring Jim Carrey? It’s the movie where he attends a life improvement conference and is told to change his life by saying “Yes!” to everything he’s asked. This is basically the same principle but you’re advised to use it in moderation. The purpose is to think outside your normal routine and say yes to the unknown. Invited to a Grand Opening for a new bar or restaurant? Go! Thinking about an outing with a new acquaintance? Go make a new friend. Try a new recipe. Take a dance class. Go to a local festival. Attend a painting/cooking/arts class. Learn a new skill. Embrace being adventurous.

Accept That It’s OK to Say “No.”

As important as it is to say “Yes!”, be adventurous, and try new things it is equally as important to know that it’s ok to say, “No.” if you’re feeling overwhelmed, too busy, or disinterested. As long as you don’t say No because you’re afraid to break outside your comfort zone you’re fine.

What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?


  1. I’m learning to say no… I’m a huge people pleaser and say yes to everything even when I know my schedule is packed. Learning to say no is a real talent.

    • It really is. I’m learning to do it too and sometimes when I say no and I stand by it I do feel so free. I may feel a bit of guilt later but in the moment I feel happy that I stood up for myself and my sanity. I’m still working on the guilt thing.

  2. great list! My biggie was learning to take a little bit of time for myself! I felt guilty for along time, but now I love having some time to myself!!!

    • Thanks Megan! I think that most mothers feel that way (I’m not a mom…I don’t know this for certain). I hear a lot of mothers say the same thing, that they feel guilty taking time for themselves. I’m glad you’ve learned to do that.

    • I agree. I think that’s a major thing and we all seem to struggle with it. There is always someone taller, thinner, prettier, wealthier, more talented, more successful and the constant comparisons are complete self-esteem killers! We are exactly who we were designed to be and that person is beautiful and perfect.

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