Yep, Tea is Better Than Coffee (Like, WAY Better)

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My friend Kacey has always raved about Yogi tea. She used to sing it’s praises any time I spoke to her. I listened, politely, and sipped my latte while she went on and on and on about tea. I may hav even slipped in an eye roll or two when she wasn’t looking because honestly, coffee is amazing. Lately though, I’ve had more than my fair share of crow for dinner because tea is actually way better than coffee. There, I said it. In fact – full disclosure – I’m drinking a hot cup of Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy Yogi tea right now.

Tea is better than coffee, like WAY better. There are a lot of physical and mental benefits to both but there's a clear winner. Don't believe me? Read on.

I confessed in a “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me” AMA on Facebook that I didn’t start drinking coffee until 2010 when I met my husband. He had (still has) a coffee addiction and he brought me over to the dark side. It took me 7 years to break away from the stranglehold of coffee and now I can proudly say that I’m a tea person. I have a cup of Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy Yogi tea every morning and a cup of Soothing Caramel Bedtime Yogi tea every night. I’ve never felt better. 

Reasons Why Tea is WAY Better Than Coffee


1 // Tea parties (’nuff said)

Listen, my 7th birthday party was a tea party complete with a bunch of little girls wearing homemade fancy hats and playing croquet. It was practically the first home movie my parents ever filmed and it was glorious! We used a pink and white tea party set and walked around like polished little ladies. I channeled my inner Belle because even Beauty + The Beast knew tea > coffee. Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes! 😉 

Every city I’ve ever lived in has had tea rooms complete with special tea pots, tea cups, and special tea sandwiches and finger foods. When have you ever heard of anyone having a coffee party? 

2 // Tea party food > Coffee party food

First, coffee parties aren’t even a thing. It doesn’t matter anyway though because even if they were a thing, the food wouldn’t compare. What would you serve at a coffee party? Pastries? Donuts? Cookies? Well, tea parties get all of those sugary carbs and tea sandwiches like this sandwich with sliced hard boiled eggs + crumbled bacon + chives + horseradish mayonnaise. You’re welcome.

3 // Tea is more hydrating

Ok, so the thing about coffee being dehydrating is a busted myth but tea is still more hydrating. Tea is generally water with the flavor of tea leaves so it doesn’t have to fight with coffee cream and sugar. In a hydration war between a mug of coffee vs a cup of tea, the tea wins every time. 

Tea is better than coffee. I mean, it's wayyyyy better than coffee. Don't believe me? Check out this list of reasons that prove it.

4 // Tea has health benefits like WOAH

I’m not making this up and science is still unsure why tea is so dang healthy but it is. Asian cultures have been bragging about the benefits of tea for thousands of years and it appears they knew what they were talking about. Tea is said to reduce your risk of certain cancers and tumors, strengthen your bones (due to high levels of tea catechins), strengthen your immune system, and supply you with loads off antioxidants. So, take that coffee!

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5 // The caffeine high is better

You can’t argue with science and science says that the caffeine pick-me-up you get from tea is better than the one you get from coffee. Tea actually has the same amount of caffeine as coffee but coffee has a stronger crash which reduces your energy levels. They’ll both give you a rush of caffeine but the coffee rush is shorter and drops quicker. Maybe it’s time to talk to your boss about adding a tea kettle the break room, eh?

6 // Tea kettles are cuter than coffee pots

Hate on me for this all you want but aesthetics matter (and Pinterest proves it). Tea kettles are just about one of the cutest things you can use to decorate your kitchen. When the last time someone swooned over your coffee pot? Exactly. Although, I’ll admit I love the new white and mint Keurig systems. They are adorable!!! I actually use mine to make my husband’s coffee and to quickly get hot water for my tea so I am being a little hypocritical here. Still, tea wins.

I've been a coffee drinker for years but I've finally had to admit that I was wrong. Coffee isn't all that great and tea is actually way better. I mean, it's way, way, way better. I've yet to successfully convert my husband from coffee to tea but I'm trying. I mean, I can admit that there are a lot of physical and mental benefits to both but tea is a very clear winner. Don't believe me? Read on.

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