The Tailwind Feature That DOUBLED my Blog Traffic (It’s NOT Tailwind Tribes)

I resisted buying a subscription to Tailwind for so long and as I’m quickly learning, that may have been the biggest blogging mistake I’ve made so far. Before I signed up for Tailwind I had started feeling like I was constantly sinking money into new tools and apps with very little ROI (return on investment). Everyone kept telling me to “give it time” with each new service I signed up with but when you’re watching the dollars steadily drain out of your account there’s only so much time you can give it before you have to call an app a bust and move on. Tailwind has been different for me and I’m about to tell you why. 

BTW, if you haven’t signed up for Tailwind, I recommend doing it now. Get started for free!

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Tailwind is an amazing tool for bloggers but there are a couple of features that it took me forever to understand. It wasn't until I unlocked the magic behind this ONE feature that I began to see tremendous blog traffic growth. If you want to grow your blog traffic you'll want to become very familiar with this Tailwind feature and no, it's not using Tailwind tribes.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

I don’t want to talk about Tailwind Tribes today because despite sharing the 6 Tailwind Tribes that helped me grow my blog that isn’t the big thing that helped me double my traffic. I do recommend joining tribes and they did help my traffic increase but I saw a very notable difference between the traffic I received from Pinterest using my standard strategy + tribes vs the traffic I received from Pinterest using my new strategy + tribes. 

Are you ready? 

The big boost I received from Tailwind came when I started uploading new graphics directly to Drafts. Seriously. Easy peasy and my traffic quickly doubled! I know that it came from using drafts because I only followed this process for my top 5 most popular posts and within a week or two both my repins and my traffic from Pinterest went crazy. It was awesome to see and I want you to see it too so I have decided to share exactly how I did it (for free and without having to opt in or pay for anything 😉 ).

BEFORE going to Tailwind…

Before accessing Tailwind to begin the process, use Google Analytics to determine your most popular posts. You can do that by navigating to Content Drilldown under the Behavior option in the side menu.

Once you are there select a date range (I went back 12 months) and review the most visited posts. I ignored anything that was a page (like my About or Contact pages), seasonal content unless it was currently relevant (like spring/summer tutorials) and anything that isn’t evergreen. You can select a range as short or as long as you’d like but I recommend at least 6 months so you can see which posts have staying power vs which were popular in the moment. 

Now, screenshot your top posts or write them down in your planner. It doesn’t really matter so long as you have a record of which posts you’re going to be promoting.

Create new graphics

I know that you’re already a kick-ass blogger and you have pinnable images (both visible and hidden) in your blog posts. You’ve probably already pinned them to your boards and group boards, added them to your Tailwind tribes (shameless plug – join my tribe!), scheduled them for future pinning, and set BoardBooster to loop your pins so that your followers keep seeing them over and over again. That’s all fantastic, but this is different.

In addition to doing all of that, I created 2 – 3 new images for my most popular posts. I use Canva for Work ($12.95 / month or $9.95 / month when paid annually) because it allows me to store my branding information (fonts + colors) and create templates to use over and over again without having to start from scratch. 

I created new graphics that still looked like me but were different in layout and design so that it would create a fresh look on Pinterest and hopefully attract fresh eyes and new visitors. 

In 2014 I wrote a post called Why Your Crush on My Husband is Not OK which went viral and landed me on the news. It is still one of my top 3 blog posts. Due to its virality I wanted to boost the traffic to it and keep visitors coming in so I created new pins (see below) with new images and new captions. I was sure to make them very different from one another so that they would catch the eye of pinners and hopefully be repinned. 

Don’t be afraid to try different titles or different sizes to your fonts. You should stick with your brand fonts and colors but try new alignments, new font sizes, add subtitles or captions, include a CTA (call-to-action) where necessary and change it up. You can even try making some pins a longer size or, if the post lends itself to it, try creating an infographic. Canva for Work makes infographics very easy to create and they are frequently repinned.  

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Access the Tailwind dashboard…

When you first log in to Tailwind you see the Tailwind dashboard which I admit, can be a bit overwhelming. It took me a while to get the hang of it myself and I intend to share a lot more about using the dashboard and all of the available features (I anticipate a YouTube series coming soon so if you don’t already, follow my new channel).

From the dashboard, access the Drafts option under the Publish header.

Now, in order to do this next step you cannot have any pending drafts in your folder. If you do, go ahead and schedule them to your boards or delete them.

You should be looking for the Upload Images box. It appears on the left side of your screen. Click Upload Images and add all of your newly created images to your Tailwind drafts.

Once you’ve added all of your images, your screen looks like this (only with all of your images instead of my single one that I’m using for this example):

Schedule your drafts

Once all of your images are uploaded, fill in the fields below the image. You need to select the boards you want to pin the image to and create a (keyword rich) description of the pin. I recommend creating a different description for each pin so you can maximize your keyword search reach on Pinterest.

If you’re a member of any Tailwind tribes, add the pin to your tribes as well. If you’re not a member of any Tailwind tribes, I recommend joining these six.

Important! You must also update the url for the pin. Right now you see that the pin I uploaded is set to which is great for bringing traffic to my blog but that is going to direct visitors to my homepage, not the specific blog post. You must remember to update the url to reflect the permalink for the actual post you’re trying to promote. If not, you’re going to have a lot of annoyed visitors and a higher bounce rate and no one wants that.

After selecting your boards, adding a description, and updating the url, click the button that says Set Interval at the bottom of the pin box. Setting an interval allows you to determine how frequently you want the image to be pinned to one of the selected boards. If you do not set an interval Tailwind pins the image to all of the boards at the same time. You can do that but I don’t recommend it. It’s much better to space out the pins so that you’re increasing the odds of someone seeing the pin. I usually set one pin at an interval of 6 days and 3 hours while the other pin is set for 23 days and 17 hours so that it shows up in the feed of my followers about once a week or so.

When you are setting the interval, select the button that says Optimized. This tells Tailwind to schedule your pins when the odds of it being repinned are at the highest. Higher odds of being repinned means higher odds of traffic for you. 🙂 

Lastly, click Schedule.

That’s it. 

You don’t have to upload the images to your blog post because you set the url when you uploaded the draft. You can create and upload as many images as you want for each post but I only did 2 – 3 per post so I didn’t spam my followers but experiment with it and see what works for you. 

If you aren’t using Tailwind to help you grow your blog you’re missing out on a superb blog marketing and scheduling tool. Of all of the investments I’ve ever made for my blog, Tailwind is, by far, the best. I’ve seen the biggest ROI from it and my traffic and subscribers are finally increasing. 

If you’re ready to try Tailwind for yourself, you can try it here for free.

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