9 Things To Do Before Spring is Over

Guys! There is less than one month of spring officially left on the calendar. I admit, I've been kind of pissy about it. It is usually my favorite season. This year it didn't warm up in Georgia as early as it usually does and I've been so caught up planning our move that I haven't had a chance to enjoy it. I haven't done anything with flowers this year, all of my winter clothes are still in my closet, my sandals are still packed away (I know...I know...) and I haven't cooked a single seasonal dish. I feel like I'm still … [Read more...]

Spring Date Ideas

Spring is here and I can not wait to get back outside to enjoy Georgia with Brandon again! We have been brainstorming so many date ideas and are so excited to finally sit down and get to scheduling our off-work time together. Last night we planned our spring dates for March and April and he agreed to put a couple of baseball games on the calendar so I'm already considering this season a win.  Side note: Brandon is an NBA fan and trying to get him to embrace the MLB has been a challenge to say the least. This year he's agreed … [Read more...]