Quickly Schedule Pins Using the Pinterest Mobile App

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine. Confession: I almost exclusively schedule pins using the Pinterest mobile app. I may check in to the website using my laptop once a month. Honestly though, 99% of the time I'm in my pajamas, curled up on my sofa, with my dog in my lap and my phone in my hand. It's just so much easier! It's also more comfortable. I used to be so annoyed because I couldn't schedule pins using the Pinterest mobile app. I ended up spamming my followers with this dump of pins and repins at … [Read more...]

ViralTag Review (and a FREE credit for you!)

Before I started using ViralTag to manage my social media accounts I was feeling so overwhelmed. It's hard to feel like you have to be everywhere at the same time. Plus, in addition to managing social media for my blog, I like to keep my professional LinkedIn profile updated. I also help my parents manage social media for their business. It's a lot. ViralTag has helped me get past the overwhelm of social media so I thought it was time for a ViralTag review. I've used a lot of other social media tools. Most notably, I tried Buffer, … [Read more...]

Grow Your Facebook Page by Inviting Recent Interactions

I don't think it's any secret that I love interacting with my blog followers on my Facebook page. It is, by far, my most engaged following and I love being on there talking with people, sharing photos, and telling stories. It's a lot of fun and I feel like it's the one place where I really get to know people for who they are rather than as a Twitter handle or a specific aesthetic. Facebook feels more human than other networks to me and I love it. Whereas I use Tailwind to schedule Pinterest and ViralTag to schedule Twitter, I invest a … [Read more...]

The Tailwind Feature That DOUBLED my Blog Traffic (It’s NOT Tailwind Tribes)

This post includes affiliate links which helps support Honey & Pine. I resisted buying a subscription to Tailwind for so long and as I'm quickly learning, that may have been the biggest blogging mistake I've made so far. Before I signed up for Tailwind I had started feeling like I was constantly sinking money into new tools and apps with very little ROI (return on investment). Everyone kept telling me to "give it time" with each new service I signed up with but when you're watching the dollars steadily drain out of your account … [Read more...]

How to Delete Shelves on GoodReads

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine. Last week Brandon and I decided to do a casual date night of Barnes & Noble and the Starbucks cafe inside. The Starbucks cafe inside of the Barnes & Noble near us features desserts from The Cheesecake Factory and other places nearby so it's a great place to go for a quick treat. Brandon wanted to buy a copy of Unscripted by Ernie Johnson Jr. but it took me forever to decide. In the end I settled on buying Girl In Disguise by Greer MacAllister because I … [Read more...]

6 Tailwind Tribes That Helped Me Grow My Blog

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine. I felt so late to the Tailwind party when I first joined the platform about a month or so ago. I'd been hearing about it for almost a year but never bothered to sign up for it because I was already over-extended on my blog expense budget and the last thing I wanted to do was add one more item to the list. I'd been going through a stage of purging items and paying for fewer subscriptions so the idea of paying for Tailwind didn't make sense. I kept putting it … [Read more...]

How to Use ViralTag to Schedule Social Media

Silly me but over the last few weeks I've been thinking that maybe I need to get out there and actually have a life again. My schedule was starting to look way too much like sleep | eat | work | eat | blog | sleep | repeat. It wasn't totally horrible but it was boring and I was becoming exhausted with feeling like I had to be everywhere all the time. It's just not sustainable at all and I was feeling the burn out creeping on. I had switched from CoSchedule to MeetEdgar (which you can read about right here) and I was really happy. I'd … [Read more...]