The Nightly Routine You Need for an Easier Morning

How many times have I said I'm not a morning person? Too many, I'm sure. I hate climbing out of my warm bed and I have a horrible time settling into my day once I wake up. It doesn't matter if I was able to get 6 or 8 hours of sleep, my mornings are rough. I need at least an hour and a large cup of caffeine-heavy tea before I can even think about starting the day. It's in my genes, it has to be. I don't have any other excuse for hating mornings so much. I know we all have those mornings. You might be a natural night owl (like me) or you … [Read more...]

How I Care For My Dry Skin with Aveeno®

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TimeWithAveeno #CollectiveBias When we still lived down south I never had any skincare worries. I mean, never, and I have put my skin through a lot of trauma over the last few years. I moved from a beachside town in Florida to a northern Alabama town in the Tennessee Valley. Then, we turned around and moved back to the beach only to leave for Atlanta, GA a couple of years later. Today we are settled into the mountains of West Virginia. … [Read more...]

14 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Here's a confession that doesn't need confessing - I've been stressed AF. Shocking, I know. We're all stressed and sometimes that stress pushes us to our breaking point more than I'd like to admit. We moved eight weeks ago and would you believe I only took two days off from work and the blog? Two days! I mean, what in the world was I thinking? I should have taken time away from the office, the blog, and social media to focus on moving and settling in to our new life. Instead, I tried to manage it all and I failed in epic ways. I had projects … [Read more...]

The Official H&P 2017 Summer Bucket List

We are knee-deep into summer and loving it! This is the first summer we've spent outside of the deep south and, as odd as that it is to say, it's very different. Just the other night Brandon and I were talking about how cool the evenings are here. It's weird being able to step outside during the summer and not be overwhelmed by temperatures in the high 90's. We're trying to embrace these summer days and not let a single moment pass us by. The seasons seem to fly by so quickly these days. :(  This year, I'm not letting summer slip by … [Read more...]

Exercise at your Desk with DeskCycle (Giveaway)

This post is sponsored by DeskCycle and includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine. A couple of weeks ago Brandon and I were in Dick's Sporting Goods browsing around. I was looking for something I could slip under my desk at work to help me burn calories throughout the day. I work a pretty sedentary corporate job which prevents me from being able to do a lot during the day to work out. Add in fighting Atlanta traffic, home responsibilities, and my blog hobby, and it doesn't leave a lot of free time to work … [Read more...]

Why I Started to Prioritize Sleep

Ever since Brandon and I moved to Atlanta I've been slowly working on building our home but one of the rooms it seems I was constantly putting off was our master bedroom. It was just this hodgepodge of furniture with nowhere else to go so it ended up in our bedroom (for some reason). With the start of the new year I committed to being more mindful of our resting space and finally completing our master bedroom. I reached out to Lush Decor who kindly sent a new bedding set and curtains, and to Skyway Walls who sent a … [Read more...]

7 Self-Love Habits to Cultivate in Your Life

'Self-Care' was my word of the year for 2016 and I failed miserably. I had vowed to be less self-critical, more fearless with my heart, and more committed to self-care. I had sworn that I was going to spend last year nurturing myself, heart, body, and soul. I didn't follow through on those promises to myself at all. Instead, I spent most of year focusing on the fear, the sadness, the disappointment, the anger; overall, just embracing all of the negatives.  Truly, it wasn't until I took vacation time at the end of December and invested … [Read more...]

How to Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day

For the last few years, Brandon and I have been embracing the concept of intentional 5-minute habits. The idea is to slowly begin shifting your mindset and ultimately your lifestyle by embracing change 5-minutes at a time. It's a long enough period of time for your brain to process that something different is happening but not enough time to create a major disturbance in your current schedule. We have found the practice to be incredibly helpful in helping us achieve the change we were seeking. We have used 5-minute habits to … [Read more...]