Lemon + Rosemary Roasted Asparagus

Roasted asparagus is one of our favorite veggie side dishes. It's the one vegetable I know I can always count on to be eaten by both me and Brandon. It seems like everything else is either something I love and he hates or vice versa. I'm trying to get him to come around on other vegetables but until then, asparagus FTW! After we settled into our new place ... Read the Post

Asparagus is a fabulous veggie for spring or summer dishes. We eat a lot of it in our house when it's in season because it's versatile and so delicious. I often mix it into a tomato and feta salad but occasionally I just want to roast it with a little lemon and rosemary so it stands on its own as the delicious veggie side dish it deserves to be. This recipe is one of our favorites and it takes less than 15 minutes.