My Trick for Finishing 100+ Books Per Year

Every January I set a new reading goal. It used to be 150+ books per year although with everything that has happened this year I dropped it to 50 books. I've already exceeded that goal and I'm closing in on 75. I've found that I average about 100 books per year which seems to surprise a lot of people. I get it, 100 books a year does sound insane but it's ... Read the Post

Hilltop Doc by Leonard Adreon (Book Review)

My grandfather, Virgil, fought in the Korean War and one of my biggest regrets is that I didn't ask him more about it while he was here to tell his stories. Granted, he was never one to talk about his time in the war but I wish I'd have asked questions and encouraged stories. I feel like a huge part of our family history is missing because I never encouraged ... Read the Post

Books on my 2017 Summer Reading List

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine. Am I wrong for saying that one of my favorite things about long summer days is the extra reading time? I set ambitious reading goals for myself and it seems the majority of my reading is usually done during the summer. I can't help that one of my favorite places is in my patio chair ... Read the Post