14 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

This post includes affiliate links which help support Far Beyond Love. Here's a confession that doesn't need confessing - I've been stressed AF. Shocking, I know. We're all stressed and sometimes that stress pushes us to our breaking point more than I'd like to admit. We moved eight weeks ago and would you believe I only took two days off from work and the blog? Two days! I mean, what in the world was I thinking? I should have taken time away from the office, the blog, and social media to focus on moving and settling in to our new life. … [Read more...]

Using Grounding Techniques + Sensory Strategy to Calm Anxiety

This post is sponsored by Chesapeake Bay Candle but my candle obsession is my own. Hey guys! In my recent reader survey a lot of you asked for me and Brandon to be more open about his struggle with depression + anxiety and how we cope together as a couple to manage it. I wanted to say we heard you loud and clear. I'm currently partnering with Chesapeake Bay Candle to share their Heritage Collection and I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce y'all to a couple of grounding and sensory strategies we use to calm anxiety attacks. In … [Read more...]

We’re Talking About Numbers 2 Big to Ignore

I recently shared my excitement over attending the Atlanta Women's Foundation (AWF) fundraising event on women in poverty with mental health struggles. The event, called Numbers 2 Big, was the biggest fundraising event of the year and was held at the Georgia World Congress Center. It was supposed to feature guest speaker Carrie Fisher and I was attending as a guest of Everywhere Agency. Unfortunately, it didn't work out exactly as planned. Carrie Fisher had to cancel due to an emergency and Jane Pauley was the featured … [Read more...]