A Trip Down Memory Lane + Sights and Smells of Home

A couple of weeks ago Brandon and I headed out to my parent's cabin in the woods for a long weekend retreat. It's one of my favorite places and I was so grateful for the time we were able to spend there. It's nestled on 236+ acres and completely isolated. In the evening, everything is lit up by the moon and stars while the only sounds are the crickets and ... Read the Post

I Cyber-Trashed So Much Digital Clutter

Last week I read a powerful blog post that sent me off on a major binge to declutter my digital life. The post talked about how being busy has become a new status symbol; as though we value our personal worth based on how busy we are compared to others. I mean, how many times do you sit around with your family and friends and hear someone going on and on ... Read the Post

Save the Earth: It’s the Only One with Coffee

Happy Earth Day (on Sunday)! I want to share a few Earth Day tips that can help you become more eco-conscious without going crazy with it. We do our best to be eco-conscious and aware of our impact on the environment but I try not to become too consumed with it. As much as we'd love to be we're just not at a place in our lives where we can do things ... Read the Post