The Christian Planner You Need This Year

Last year was my first year using a paper planner and I loved it. I thought I preferred digital planners and I used my phone or tablet for everything but the distractions became overwhelming. I'd try to review my calendar for the week but I had notifications going off left and right which would pull me away to look at something else. I turned off all ... Read the Post

Spring Cleaning: 10 Things To Do For Your Finances

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine. Unless you filed for an extension, by now you should have filed your taxes and the early birds among you may have already received your tax refund (assuming you didn't owe, of course). Brandon and I received our tax refund back in February because we were really early birds this year. I ... Read the Post

Hike at Old Mill Park

One of my favorite parts of our recent weekend getaway to Lanier Islands was being able to walk around the lake and explore lakeside. I know that it sounds like such a small thing but living where we do, being outside in the "wilderness" like that is a novelty and it's nice. It's one of the reasons I love our trips home to West Virginia each year. As ... Read the Post