Spring Cleaning: 10 Things To Do For Your Finances

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine. Unless you filed for an extension, by now you should have filed your taxes and the early birds among you may have already received your tax refund (assuming you didn't owe, of course). Brandon and I received our tax refund back in February because we were really early birds this year. I was hyper-diligent about tracking finances in 2016 because 2015 was a mess. In 2015, I had serious issues when it came to filing taxes. It was the first year I'd made any kind of real … [Read more...]

Hike at Old Mill Park

One of my favorite parts of our recent weekend getaway to Lanier Islands was being able to walk around the lake and explore lakeside. I know that it sounds like such a small thing but living where we do, being outside in the "wilderness" like that is a novelty and it's nice. It's one of the reasons I love our trips home to West Virginia each year. As soon as we got home from our trip I started talking to Brandon about our next outdoor adventure. I was hoping to go to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park but at the last minute … [Read more...]

How to Save Money Dining Out (Without Being an Ass)

There's a big difference between being frugal and being cheap (there is also a huge difference between being cheap and being a complete ass). Do y'all remember that story  that went viral about the couple that put five $1 bills on the table and took a dollar away if the server disappointed them? Whether the story was true or not, the whole concept turns my stomach. That story combined with the stories of people not tipping their server for one of dozens of other stupid reasons irritates me so much because if you can't afford to … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Your Dogs Need a PupJoy Box

Thank you to the beautiful folks to PupJoy for sending my pups a complimentary sweet box of treats! If you haven't ordered your dogs a PupJoy box yet you're missing out on a great pet service. Our second PupJoy box arrived a few days ago and I'm thrilled with the items they sent my pups this month. Unlike other boxes, PupJoy is personalized to your pet's preferences which is why this box went over much better with our dogs than our first (I screwed up the first one). For our first box I had asked PupJoy for tough toys because my dogs love to … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Achieve Work Life Balance

With what feels like at least 5 million things on our to-do lists every morning it's hard to feel like you're ever going to make progress on achieving that elusive work life balance. Living in Atlanta, my commute to work can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1-hour which is crazy considering that it's less than 3 miles away. That means I typically leave my home by 7am to go to the office and I often don't make it home until 7:00pm. Add in trying to run my blog, maintain my social media accounts, care for my … [Read more...]

5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

This post includes affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Far Beyond Love.  I faced sticker shot at the veterinarian the other day to the tune of $403.85 for annual vaccines as well as 6-month supplies of heart worm and flea/tick medicine. It wasn't a big deal as much as it was a moment of, "$400! For shots and medicine?" and I remembered how much I missed the vet I had when we lived in Florida. She offered a VIP (very important pet) program and for $40 / month all vaccines, regular medications, check-ups, exams, … [Read more...]

My Top Tips for Traveling with Pets

Whenever we travel, Brandon and I always make arrangements to take our dogs with us. It can be tiresome at first but once you learn a few of the tricks it's not so bad. I'm talking about tricks like: Calling ahead to the pet-friendly hotel and asking if they offer dog-walking services. If not, arranging with a local dog-walking service (check Rover.com for recommendations) to walk your dogs at the hotel while you're out. Remember to pack favorite blankets and toys for your dog so the smell of home follows them to the hotel. … [Read more...]

We Tried PupJoy and My Dogs Loved It

A couple of weeks ago I decided to order a box from PupJoy to try out with my little dogs. I haven't been quite myself lately as I've been feeling a bit less than chipper as I struggle with feelings of inadequacy over yet another year passing without a little one in our family. It's been rough but I try not to dwell on it. I also try not to take it out on my dogs because their poor little sweet souls don't understand my sadness. They do understand that sometimes I want extra cuddles with them and sometimes they will try to lick the tears … [Read more...]