Meal Planning Shortcuts (and Free Printables!)

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, INC., The Coca-Cola Company, and Conagra Brands all opinions are mine alone. #PowerfullySmart #CollectiveBias Hey guys! I know I talk a lot about meal planning and I want to revisit the topic again today. This time though, I want to talk about using your homemaking binder and doing it without apps and digital tools. You do have a homemaking binder, right? If not, it's ok because it's never too late to start one and in this post I'm even including meal planning worksheets to help get you … [Read more...]

Binders Every Home Command Center Should Have

Yesterday I spent some time shopping on Amazon looking for a few things to help me get our home command center organized for the new year that's almost upon us. I know it's still 2 1/2 months away but it'll go quick. If you're anything like me you're already sitting around saying, "How is it already October?!". You know January 1st will be here before you know it and you won't have anything ready for the new year. I'm determined to not let that happen this time.  Right now we have a dedicated home office in the far end of our apartment. … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Homemaker

Even though I work a full-time career in addition to my roles as blogger and homemaker, I'm always looking for ways to make extra money. I'll sock it away in an emergency fund, a rainy day savings account, or put it aside for a much-needed vacation. A lot of people look at our roles as homemakers as being responsible for managing household chores and budgeting the family finances. While that's true, there's more to it than that. In fact, there's nothing wrong with using your homemaking skills to make extra money. When it comes up in … [Read more...]

Smart Solutions for Cleaning Dog Hair From Carpet

Every day I fight the good fight against the hair my dogs insist on leaving all around our home. It feels like I'm constantly finding tumbleweeds of dog hair in the corners of our dining room and cleaning dog hair from carpet in the bedroom. I love my dogs but sometimes I wish I'd gone with a hairless breed. ;-) From the looks of them, you'd never imagine my dogs shed as badly as they do. I have a short-haired chihuahua and a chiweenie. They aren't exactly known for being big-time shedders but the state of my home begs to differ. Before we … [Read more...]

The Nightly Routine You Need for an Easier Morning

How many times have I said I'm not a morning person? Too many, I'm sure. I hate climbing out of my warm bed and I have a horrible time settling into my day once I wake up. It doesn't matter if I was able to get 6 or 8 hours of sleep, my mornings are rough. I need at least an hour and a large cup of caffeine-heavy tea before I can even think about starting the day. It's in my genes, it has to be. I don't have any other excuse for hating mornings so much. I know we all have those mornings. You might be a natural night owl (like me) or you … [Read more...]

6 Things That Are Stealing Your Time as a Homemaker

A few years ( least 10 or more) I heard the word "clocksucker" and it quickly became one of my favorites. It refers to those things that suck our time away from us and leave us feeling overwhelmed as we stare down a seemingly endless to-do list. I often feel like there's too much to do and not enough time to do it in. I have beds that sometimes go unmade and floors that go unswept. I sit down in the evening hoping for even a few minutes of quiet and relaxation only to notice dust bunnies in the corner and a sticky spot on the kitchen … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Stress-Free Homemaking

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine In June of this year I started working from home full-time (for my career, not the blog). I moved out of state, started working remote, and suddenly found myself struggling to balance work life and home life. Homemaking shifted to the top of my list of priorities because I now spend almost all of my time at home. It's been hard to build a routine that allows me to manage my time effectively. At times it was overwhelming to walk out of home office for my lunch break and see … [Read more...]

5 Laundromat Hacks That Make The Trip a Little Less Awful

Nothing screams, "You're an adult" more than finding yourself celebrating the arrival of a new washer and dryer. The apartment we rented in Atlanta included a washer and dryer but moving to Charleston meant that we needed to shell out for machines of our own. We ordered them three days before we moved with an expected arrival date two days after we arrived in West Virginia. Sadly, nothing ever goes as planned.  For one reason after another, the new appliances kept being delayed and we found ourselves having to make trip to the local … [Read more...]