Exercise at your Desk with DeskCycle (Giveaway)

This post is sponsored by DeskCycle and includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine. A couple of weeks ago Brandon and I were in Dick's Sporting Goods browsing around. I was looking for something I could slip under my desk at work to help me burn calories throughout the day. I work a pretty sedentary corporate job which prevents ... Read the Post

When you work a sedentary job like I do it's hard to get in enough movement and exercise during the day. I got tired of feeling so stationary all of the time so I sought out a way to change it without reducing my productivity. This deskcycle has been incredible!

From Kata to Yoga – My New Fitness Routine from

Once upon a time I studied Okinawan Kenpo Karate, a very aggressive form of martial arts that originated in Okinawa. It was one of the best times of my life as far as my physical fitness goes and it was a stellar of way of releasing aggression and retraining your instincts and reflexes to be aggressive rather than defensive. Kenpo is known for being fairly ... Read the Post