A Trip Down Memory Lane + Sights and Smells of Home

A couple of weeks ago Brandon and I headed out to my parent's cabin in the woods for a long weekend retreat. It's one of my favorite places and I was so grateful for the time we were able to spend there. It's nestled on 236+ acres and completely isolated. In the evening, everything is lit up by the moon and stars while the only sounds are the crickets and ... Read the Post

What My Life as a Dog Mom is REALLY Like

With Mother's Day coming up soon I want to give a little love to the dog mom's out there rocking it day in and day out doing the best they can to raise dogs that aren't total jerks. Can I just say - I see you and I know raising quality well-behaved dogs is hard. In fact, sometimes it's downright frustrating and dog mommin' ain't easy which is why I've ... Read the Post

How to Prevent Getting Ticks on Dogs

I've been paranoid about ticks on dogs ever since we visited my parent's cabin retreat last summer. We went out there for a week-long visit to get away from the city (we were still living in Atlanta at the time) and we found a tick on Wilkins the day we were leaving to head home. I know ticks carry disease and can cause dogs all sorts of issues so of course, ... Read the Post