Have the Best Date Night Ever with Our Date Night Rules

As of earlier this year, Brandon and I both work from home full-time. Crazy as it may seem, we need our date nights now more than ever. When you work from home it's easy to fall into work mode 24/7. It's just too easy to send a quick reminder text at 8pm or reply to an email at 11pm when you lack an official quitting time. I recently shared tips about how to make working from home work for you but it's still hard to balance family time. Our offices are in our home and it's challenging to switch from work mode to marriage mode sometimes. We … [Read more...]

Spring Date Ideas

Spring is here and I can not wait to get back outside to enjoy Georgia with Brandon again! We have been brainstorming so many date ideas and are so excited to finally sit down and get to scheduling our off-work time together. Last night we planned our spring dates for March and April and he agreed to put a couple of baseball games on the calendar so I'm already considering this season a win.  Side note: Brandon is an NBA fan and trying to get him to embrace the MLB has been a challenge to say the least. This year he's agreed … [Read more...]

12 Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Can I share a little "love" confession with you all today? As much as I love "love" I'm not a super romantic person. I mean, I love the actions of showing love like cleaning for someone, paying for someone else's coffee or lunch, or holding doors open. I don't love the ridiculous romanticism that comes with love like over-the-top rose petals in the bathtub or choreographed marriage proposals. It's the INTJ in me but I think, "What's the point?"  I need purpose, friends! I think that's why I have such a love / hate affair with … [Read more...]

Date Night: Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt date night I created for Halloween went over so well last year that I thought it would be a lot of fun to create another one for Valentine's Day. Brandon and I aren't the expensive dinner and fancy wine kind of people when it comes to Valentine's Day but we are always down for games and people watching. I'm sure it's the social sciences major in me but I can sit and people-watch for hours. You could call it stalking but I prefer to call it researching societal behaviors. ;-)  Just like I did with the Halloween scavenger … [Read more...]

Conversation Starters for Your Next Date Night

Lately, Brandon and I have been trying to be more deliberate about date nights. We are planning them ahead of time, trying new places, and requiring that date nights are screen-free (so you may have to wait for that Twitter reply ;-) ). It's been really great because we've discovered new coffee shops and restaurants, explored new parts of our city, and had some of the best conversations of our entire marriage.  We've been able to reconnect in a way we didn't know was possible because we weren't even aware that we needed … [Read more...]

ESCAPE to Date Night at Home (and a Favorite Iced Coffee Recipe)

A few months ago my office set all of the employees out to one of those escape room centers for team-building days. No lie, that place was SO. MUCH. FUN! My team escaped within the allotted hour and we all went to lunch to celebrate. It was a good time. I've raved about it to my husband almost non-stop since that day and we keep saying that we need to plan a date night to the center with friends and see if we can escape again. It's turned in to one of those things we talk about constantly but never actually do so last month when I was given … [Read more...]

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas (Free Printables!)

Who's up for a Halloween scavenger hunt?! I have spent so much time trying to figure out how Brandon and I can enjoy Halloween without dressing up, without attending a party, and without having children. It's tough. It's like everything I come across is either about going to a crazy haunted house, attending a dress-up party, or kid-friendly events (which...well...obvi, right?). I was starting to feel really left out over this holiday and wondering, "What's out there for us?" I mean, what's out there for childless couples that … [Read more...]

Food Subscription Boxes to Get You in the Kitchen Together

This post includes affiliate links which help support Far Beyond Love. I love subscription boxes (#noshame) but I'm kind of new to the food subscription boxes. It always seemed so interesting but I am kind of neurotic about food and I wasn't fully sold on the idea of a company shipping my food to me in a box. Eventually I realized if they aren't shipping it to me they are shipping it to the store I'm buying it from so really, what's the difference? Let's try it!  I researched a lot of food subscription boxes before I ordered from … [Read more...]