22 Things to Eat This Fall Besides Pumpkin (and How to Eat Them)

I like pumpkin as much as any normal person but the pumpkin obsession that strikes every fall has become too much. Once I saw pumpkin-spice scented toilet paper I knew that we, as a society, had crossed the line. Who needs their toilet paper to smell like pumpkin spice? Better question - who is smelling their toilet paper? Y'all...seriously? It's too much. In fact, if I didn't know any better I'd think that pumpkin was the end all be all of fall. There are other things to eat during this beautiful season and some of them are actually … [Read more...]

How to Properly Season a Cast Iron Skillet

A little over 10 years ago I inherited the small cast iron skillet featured in today's photos. I have about 8 cast iron skillets, of various sizes, but this one is the most important to me. This particular one has been in my family for three generations now (I'm #3). It came to me after my aunt passed away from a brain tumor and it's something I deeply cherish. For the first few years I didn't dare use it. Instead, I hung it on the wall in my kitchen as something to be admired but never used. I eventually got over that. As the years passed I … [Read more...]

Toast & Jam is the Cookbook Your Kitchen is Missing

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine Originally I downloaded the Toast & Jam eBook from Edelweiss. My cookbook shelves were getting a bit full and I've been trying to minimize how many new ones I bring into our home. I have a lot.  The Toast & Jam cookbook ended up blowing me away! I actually went out and bought the hardcover version because my shelves needed it. Brandon rolled his eyes at me but I know he could tell it was something special. Although, it literally is a book of toast and … [Read more...]

Spicy Vegetarian Chili

Last weekend Atlanta had our first snow of the winter! I know a lot of southerners don't love the snow but I feel like snow days here are few and far between so I cherish each cold white day we get. I put the pups in their winter sweaters (which you can see here on Instagram) and we trotted outside to play in the snow a little bit. They weren't really fans but at least I can say I tried. ;-) When we got back inside I knew I was going to cook up a pot of my spicy vegetarian chili. There's just nothing quiet like chili on a cold winter … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Stuffed Pepper Soup

Did you know that I once started a food blog? I did. It was called Our Wooden Spoons and it was a food blog dedicated toward vegetarian recipes. I only operated it for about two weeks before I shut it back down. I was too busy and facing too much overwhelm at the time and I couldn't take on yet another project so I had to stall it out. I had just moved and was changing jobs. I was also running this blog and still working with authors on book promotions through my previous company. It was too much so Our Wooden Spoons had to go. One of my … [Read more...]