Capitol Market in Charleston, WV

A couple of weeks ago I met Kelly from Kelly Broyles Photography here in Charleston, WV for a photo shoot at Capitol Market. I wanted to take photos that reflected our new life in West Virginia and that I could use for my media kit, blogging headshots, and on the blog. It didn’t hurt that it was also an easy way for me to meet new people in the area.  We have another photo shoot coming up that’s going to feature my pups (wish me luck on wrangling the mutts for that one!) and I told Kelly I may put her on retainer to help me … [Read more...]

Black Sheep Burrito & Brew in Charleston, WV

Did y’all know it’s International Beer Day?! Whoop! I know that we don’t actually need a dedicated day to have an excuse to enjoy a beer but it doesn’t hurt, right? Besides, I’ll take any excuse to celebrate random holidays and scope out new places. When I first realized International Beer Day was coming up I started searching around Charleston, WV to see if there were any local breweries I could visit. That’s when I discovered Black Sheep Burrito + Brews. The Black Sheep Burrito restaurant used to sit next door to The Charleston … [Read more...]

Things To Do in Charleston, WV This Summer

Summer is here and over here in the LaMar household we are really excited about it. It's our first summer here in Charleston, WV and I want to embrace it. I've already planted a few veggie plants for us to harvest soon and the fresh herbs are doing great. The dogs have been loving being outside, running around off-leash, and chasing the rabbits that linger around our yard. Don't worry, they haven't actually caught any rabbits, they are all about the chase, lol. As much as we are all loving being outdoors, I told Brandon that I want to make sure … [Read more...]

Why We Are Moving (and 3 Things We Did to Prepare)

  We've announced it all over social media but I guess this makes it blog-official. Brandon and I are leaving Atlanta, Georgia and moving to Charleston, West Virginia. Culturally, it's a huge move but we are very excited about it. It's something we've tossed back and forth between us for the last few years. We have loved the city so much it was hard to imagine leaving it. Ultimately it came down to one thing - family. Since moving to Atlanta, GA in 2014 we've been alone here. My family all live in either West Virginia or Florida … [Read more...]