How to Avoid Being a Lazy Slob When You Work From Home

It's been almost three months since I became a full-time work from home employee (for my career, not my blog). In keeping it 100% honest with y'all, I'll admit I've been lazy AF. I've been productive on a business level and I've been far happier on a personal level but I've also been a total slob. I've done things I wouldn't have dreamed of doing when I had to report to the office every day. In less than 2 months I was feeling like a shadow of my former self and I knew that it was going to be a total #fail if I didn't make some serious changes … [Read more...]

How to Pitch Brands for Sponsored Posts with a Small Blog

There is a lot of information out there about how to pitch brands for sponsored posts and almost everything I read repeats a few things that I've found to be untrue. For example, the articles and courses I've taken have said: You should have at least 500 - 1,000 daily visitors  You should never work for product only Your media kit is extremely important and should contain a million things that makes it like 3 - 6 pages long While I'm certain that the people writing those posts and creating those helpful checklists … [Read more...]

My Most Trusted Blogging Resources

This year saw a lot of change and growth for Honey & Pine and as I've reflected over my EOY numbers I've been really impressed with the growth I've seen, both in traffic and in income. During my last email series I asked my subscribers what questions they had for me about my blog and what I do for a living. One of the more common questions was about the blogging tools and resources I use to keep my business running smoothly.  Now, I have a resources page right here but I still decided to break it down … [Read more...]

Develop the Skills You Need to Start Your Own Online Business

It's almost a new year and I know a lot of you want to start your own online business soon. It seems that I've spoken to a lot of people lately about how I manage to balance running this blog along with working with my full-time career. I can admit, it's hard. It's really hard. It takes a lot of long hours, a lot of time management, and a lot of dedication to do it but I'm seeing results and that's what really matters.  When I talk to people about their dream of starting their own online business I hear a lot of excuses about how … [Read more...]

The Top Tax Deductions for Bloggers

This post includes affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the companies that support Far Beyond Love. XOXO As the year start to draw to a close, every blogger I know is beginning to stress about taxes. Ideally you wouldn't wait until this late in the year but I know that it's a hard thing for some people to track and new bloggers may be completely surprised by some of these things. I know a lot of new bloggers don't realize that they have to claim products they received for review as income and I can't blame them, that surprised … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Set Office Hours for Your Blog

One of the major traps of working at home or running your own business is failing to set office hours. Ask any solopreneur and they'll tell you the same thing. It's just too easy to let yourself give into thinking that you'll just work an extra hour or two so you can finish up a couple quick tasks but before you know it it's 9pm, no one in your house has eaten dinner, and you haven't moved from your desk chair in 10 hours. Oops! You think you're being productive, but you're not. What you've done is buy yourself a one-way ticket to … [Read more...]

Why I Use Dubsado (a CRM for Creatives)

One of the things that people have a tendency to overlook when they are starting out as a new business is a powerful CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool. I'm regularly shocked by the number of small businesses that prepare their contracts manually, send invoices manually, and process each step of their workflow...manually. Who has the time for that?! As a new small business owner you should be focused on connecting with your target audience, creating amazing content, and expanding your network. The last thing you should be doing is … [Read more...]

How to Simplify Your Invoicing Process with FreshBooks

*This post includes affiliate links which help support Far Beyond Love. Ever since I launched my copywriting + coaching business I've struggled to find accounting software that has really worked for me. I tried 17hats but I didn't love it. I tried Mosaic but found it even worse, especially with support. I tried a few other things but nothing seemed to work for me. I've defaulted to invoicing through PayPal and keeping a lot of spreadsheets but it's not a very good system. As a person who prides herself on developing organizational systems … [Read more...]