Spiced Sweet Potato Loaf

A couple of weeks ago I was out shopping and found a collection of old handwritten recipe cards in a thrift store. I am thinking about using them for some kind of kitchen decor but first I wanted to try to make some of the recipes. The one that caught my eye last night was the sweet potato loaf. I had a couple of sweet potatoes I needed to use up so I opted ... Read the Post

Apple Fritter Breakfast Loaf

My husband is addicted to apple fritters but buying them in the grocery store gets really expensive. I think it's something like $5 for 4 fritters which is just a bit too crazy for me especially when I make an entire apple fritter breakfast loaf for a fraction of the price. I try to make two loaves on Sunday and they last all week. You probably already have ... Read the Post

Honey Walnut Breakfast Loaf

My favorite thing about fall isn't sweaters, boots, or pumpkin spice lattes, it's baking. I bake all year round but it's more acceptable in the fall when the weather is cooling down and the warmth from the oven is more welcomed. This time of year I'm always baking cookies, cakes, and pies as I try to figure out what I'll be bringing to the holiday parties ... Read the Post