6 Adorable Fall Baking Essentials

For the last week I've spent the majority of my time scouring Pinterest and gathering recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. This year I'm expected to bring sides and desserts and I've settled on making mini-pies and cookies. I haven't yet mastered the skills of decorating cookies or making beautiful handmade pie crusts so I tend to rely pretty heavily on cute ... Read the Post

Toast & Jam is the Cookbook Your Kitchen is Missing

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine Originally I downloaded the Toast & Jam eBook from Edelweiss. My cookbook shelves were getting a bit full and I've been trying to minimize how many new ones I bring into our home. I have a lot.  The Toast & Jam cookbook ended up blowing me away! I actually went out and ... Read the Post

Toast + Jam isn't exactly a new idea in the culinary world. I mean, we all grew up eating toast and jam, right? I know I have probably eaten it at least a million times in my life so I was blown away when I read this book and found myself thinking that it was revolutionary! Seriously, this book is a masterpiece. I can't believe I'm saying it but this book should be a must-have for your kitchen.