A Simple Way To Be More Mindful Each Day

Be more mindful every day by monitoring your breathing, tension, and activity levels with this one simple trick!

A few weeks ago Brandon started doing these meditations at night to help him fall asleep. At first it was just something he was going to check out and experiment with but after just a couple of days he was hooked on them. They’ve become part of his nightly routine now and honestly, he’s sleeping better than ever.

Ever curious, I decided to check them out too but I don’t love them quite like he does. I mean, they work but I don’t really have an issue falling asleep at night. I’m one of those people that falls asleep the moment my head touches the pillow. I found that what I was really needing wasn’t something to help me sleep but rather something to help me decompress. Besides, I can’t sleep with earbuds in and I’ve trained myself to listen to music while I’m working so my brain processes it like this … earbuds + music = productivity not earbuds + music = sleep. 

A friend suggested that I try yoga (and I did which you can read about here). I also decided to try the Spire Mindfulness + Activity Tracker because it said it would monitor your breathing patterns for moments of calm, focus, and tension.

I’m not sure what I expected it to be but I was stunned when it arrived. It’s just this tiny little device that feels and looks like a smooth stone. It also has a wireless charging pad so just plug and play (and download the companion app, of course).

Develop habits of mindfulness with the Spire Fitness Tracker

I charged it up and hooked it to my bra so it could gauge my breathing, then settled in on the couch for a movie night with my husband. You can wear it hooked to either your bra or your waist so it can gauge your breathing then it will alert you (via the mobile companion app) if you’ve had long periods of any particular breathing habit.

I figured since I was going to be at home it would be reading calm, especially since I was just chilling with my husband and having a movie night. You can imagine my surprise when we’re setting there cuddled up and my bra vibrated! LOL. I nearly jumped out of my skin because the Spire Mindfulness & Activity Tracker is so small and smooth I forgot I was wearing it. Oops! It was notifying me that I had been tense for 15 minutes (cue the shocked look on my face!) but then I realized it was probably due to the horror movie we were watching since it did have me a bit on edge. Spire’s Mindfulness + Activity Tracker companion app is integrated with your calendar, location, and photos so you can provide insights into where, what and why you are experiencing tension, calm or focus. I just popped in there and tagged it with “horror movie” so I knew that I wasn’t tense because of my husband. It was that dang movie!!! There is a reason I usually prefer comedies. 😉 

The app prompted me to do a boost and try to calm down, so I did. It encourages you to breathe deeply and you can actually watch yourself inhale and exhale on the app. It’s pretty addicting.

Monitor your breathing and mindfulness with the Spire Fitness Tracker

Guys…I have been SO much more focused during the day since I started wearing my Spire Mindfulness & Activity Tracker last month. I’ve adapted to my bra vibrating and alerting me that I need to either breathe and calm down or get up and move since I’ve been calm for too long. I love that it’s helped me achieve balance in my day because on one side it tracks your breathing but on the other it tracks your activity level so you know how many steps you’ve taken each day and how many minutes you’ve been active. 

It’s seriously the best of both worlds – calm and active.

Over time Spire’s platform learns to anticipate stressful events before they are likely to happen and will alert you with tips about how to prepare for them so you can be ready and stay calm. It’s learned that I have regular Monday morning meetings that make me tense so I always get alerted for calming exercises about 9am. Ha! 

Now, every night my husband has his meditations and I let the Spire Mindfulness & Activity Tracker walk me through some breathing exercises to calm and focus. 

I’m all about being calm y’all!

What do you think? Doesn’t it sound great? Click here to learn more about it and snag your own. 

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    • There is an app for everything and this one is so addicting. It’s a little weird to feel the vibrations on your bra (lol!) but once you are accustomed to it then it’s nice to be reminded to just chill out and breathe for a minute.

  1. This actually sounds like it would be better for me than my FitBit. Sounds like it has similar features, but I could definitely use something PROMPTING me to stand up, relax, calm down, and such!

    • I’ve heard the same thing from other people. They are similar but this one is just a bit more robust with the breathing and relaxation prompts. I love when it says, “You’ve been tense for 15 minutes. Would you like to try a boost?” and then it walks me through a breathing exercise to calm down.

  2. Wow, I didn’t even know such a thing existed. This is so neat! It is nice to be able to take a step back and breathe every once in awhile, but sometimes we need that extra help.

    • Agreed! I hadn’t heard of it either but I’ve loved it. I had a co-worker tell me she got one for her daughter b/c her daughter has an anxiety disorder. It really helped her too.

    • Definitely Brittany. I wear it at the office and it alerts me of long periods of focus all of the time and encourages me to take a break or move for a little bit. It also lets me know when I’m feeling tense so I can walk away before being irritable in the office. It’s a very cool little gadget.

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