Snow and Cute Dog Sweaters

Did you get snow over the weekend? We were so jealous on Friday night because some parts of Atlanta got over 7-inches of snow! It barely snowed at all during the 3 years we lived there and, of course, the year we leave they get covered. We kept checking our windows hoping to see snowflakes falling but…nothing.

The news said we should expect snow on Tuesday night but our first snow of the year ended up arriving Saturday evening. As soon as I realized it was falling I grabbed my coat and took the dogs out. I thought they’d enjoy the flakes on their noses and treading through the powdery stuff but I was so, so wrong. They were not impressed; not even a little. I had to practically drag them outside and all they did was stare at me. Apparently little dogs don’t care for snowy weather. #shrug 

It didn’t stick around long because by Sunday morning it was gone and we headed up to Morgantown, WV for the day. We are expecting more snow this week and other than needing to pick up a new pair of gloves (if you have any recommendations I’d love if you’d drop them in the comments below) we’re ready to welcome it in. I even went to PetSmart a couple of weeks ago and picked up new sweaters for the dogs. They look adorable.

I’ve never known dogs to love sweaters as much as mine do. They love to burrow under blankets any chance they get so I shouldn’t be surprised they love sweaters but I am. All I have to do is say the word “sweater” and they’ll run to the closet where I keep their clothes and start wiggling around. I’m sure they just love the warmth but I like to convince myself that they just know they look good.

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I’m a little conflicted over sizing because both dogs seem to be between sizes. Our chihuahua is between an XS / S and the chiweenie is between a S / M so I have to stretch them out a little to make them fit comfortably. Next time it snows (tomorrow?) I’ll probably try to take them out with their sweaters on and see if they enjoy it more than they did today. 

Adorable winter sweaters for dogs

I’m also thinking about picking the pups up hats or snowshoes to wear this winter because I’m that person and I have no shame, haha. If you want to keep your pups extra warm this winter you can check out all of PetSmart’s winter dog gear here. I’m in love with the little reindeer antler headband! I know my dogs would hate me but think of the cute pictures! Plus, it kind of reminds of me of the little dog in The Grinch. What was his name? You know the one.

I hope you all enjoyed your snow days (if you had them of course). 

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