The Simplest Process EVER for Sending Christmas Cards

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It’s almost that time of year again! In a couple of weeks I’ll be sitting down to plan out sending Christmas cards to everyone on my list. Last year I sent out nearly 130! This year I’m sure I’ll be sending Christmas cards to even more people since we moved and my list has grown again. I send cards to family, friends, former co-workers, current co-workers, anyone in my immediate professional network, blogger friends, and blog readers that share their address with me. It’s a lot of cards.

This is the simplest process EVER for sending Christmas cards. It's a totally stress-free process and you'll get your cards in the mail on time. #Christmas #ChristmasCards #Holidays #HolidayHack #ChristmasHack

In previous years I’ve driven out to Target and the Hallmark Store to buy about 10 boxes of cards. Then I sit around my home for a few days getting writer’s cramp as I write a message to each person and address each envelope. While I still enjoy preparing the cards, this year I’m taking the stress out of the process by ordering my cards through Minted.

This is the simplest process EVER for sending Christmas cards. It's a totally stress-free process and you'll get your cards in the mail on time. #Christmas #ChristmasCards #Holidays #HolidayHack #ChristmasHack

Sending Christmas cards is one of my favorite things about the holidays. It’s not expensive and it’s a great way to quickly reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a while, especially since we moved. Inevitably, it ends up as one more thing on a gigantic to-do list and I am irritated that I can’t enjoy seem to just enjoy this simple holiday ritual. Fortunately, Minted takes all of the stress out of ordering holiday cards. 

If you share family photos on your Christmas cards, Minted has a cool new feature this year just for you. This year you’re able to text your holiday photo directly to Minted and their designers will create 5 recommended Christmas cards for you styled with your photo, family name, etc. When they have them created, they’ll text them back for you to choose from then save your preferred design to your account. Easy, right? You won’t believe how easy the process is; it’s literally just these three simple steps.

Make sending Christmas cards insanely easy by using the new text a photo feature from Minted! #Christmas #ChristmasCards #Holidays

Once you’ve chosen your cards I highly recommend ordering the matching pre-addressed envelopes. The addressing service is free and it makes your cards look so lovely! Trust me, their writing on the envelopes is far prettier than mine.

I love it mostly because Minted actually stores your address book so you don’t have to keep track of your own spreadsheet or physical address book. A lot of our contacts are already in there since Brandon and I sent out moving announcements after we moved here to West Virginia. All of the contacts I store in there this year will be there next year so I can just select the recipient and move on through the order.

Minted also makes it easy to add address labels, envelope seals, and other accessories to make the cards really stand out. Once they arrive, all you’ve gotta do is sign your name and slap a stamp on the front of it. Since you can order stamps to be delivered in your mailbox and the mail carrier picks up the cards to be sent out, the process couldn’t be any simpler.

I’m ordering our 2017 cards this weekend and I’m hoping to drop them in the mail the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. When I mail them on that Tuesday the cards usually arrive on the Saturday or Monday following Thanksgiving. If you want a card this year just drop me on a message on my Facebook page and I’ll add you to my list.

If you’re ready to order your cards, use code HOLCARDS to get 15% off and FREE shipping! The offer is good through 10/30/17.

How do you handle sending Christmas cards? Do you have a simple stress-free process to share? Tweet me @ashleyfromhp or drop your thoughts below.

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