Settling in to St Louis

We are officially Missourians! 🙂  

We arrived last Monday and have been trying to adjust to life in the midwest. In case you missed the announcement, I accepted a new job offer that required a move from Charleston, WV to St. Louis, MO. We weren’t exactly expecting to move but it’s best for our family and our future so we decided to make the change. 

After arriving, we spent the whole week learning the major roads and highways, getting our car registered, and exploring the area that will soon be our neighborhood. I feel like I’ve found a new go-to grocery store which is always my priority #1 when settling into a new place. There are a few things I need to lock down in order to feel like I’m “home” and a grocery store is definitely in my top 3. It shares the honor with finding a primary care doctor and a hair stylist but I’m still looking for those two.

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On Saturday, it was overcast with expected late thunderstorms so we decided to head downtown early in the day to see the Gateway Arch and explore before the rain rolled in. 

The Gateway Arch has been on my travel bucket list for years and I was completely awed by the sight. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I was mesmerized. We spent at least an hour just walking around on the park grounds outside staring up at it. I knew it was going to be large but my gosh…SO big! It’s truly awe-inspiring and a feat of architectural ingenuity. It’s the tallest man-made monument in the United States and I am so, so happy we were finally able to see it. They have events there all the time and I am sure we will be back frequently to see it. Plus, we still have to take the tram to the top because we weren’t able to catch it this past weekend.

Gateway Arch St Louis

St Louis Gateway Arch

I was also excited to see the Lewis and Clark statue on the riverfront. I didn’t know it was even down there but as we were walking the riverfront after viewing the arch we spotted it and I was so excited. As a history buff, seeing the arch and delving a bit into the Lewis and Clark expedition (that started near St. Louis) was a great day for me. 

It did end up raining toward the end of our adventure but it was fine. We had a great day exploring and I’m really getting a sense that we’re going to be happy living here.

Lewis and Clark in St Louis MO

I start my new job soon and we’re hoping to be in our new home around the same time. It’s been a rough move this time with so many pieces to get into place and so many unexpected expenses and delays but we have faith it’s all going to come together in the end.

The dogs are with us (of course) and adjusting well. We took them down to Forest Park to try to explore the area there but it was far too hot out for them and they didn’t last longer than about 20 minutes. We have a little portable water bowl (it’s $5!) and we filled it with water only 15 minutes into our walk and they lapped it all up. They were exhausted so we decided to call it a day and take them out when it’s a bit cooler. The last thing I want is to risk heat stroke in my boys while we’re trying to enjoy getting to know the city. 

We are in a hotel right now until our home is ready for us to move in so none of us are especially comfortable at the moment but we are making it work. Hopefully, we’ll be in our home soon and everything can return to normal.

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  1. Glad to see that you are loving the area so much!! I know it will be better once you are settled into your home! Can’t wait to see more of the area through your posts!

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