A Simple Way to Renew Your Mind and Body (Giveaway)

Learn how to find balance and defeat overwhelm with this one simple lifestyle change. You can renew your mind and your body by a little aromatherapy from Chesapeake Bay Candles! Come and learn why I love them and how they can help you center your spirit.

This post is sponsored by Chesapeake Bay Candle but my love for their Mind & Body Collection is all my own. 

As much as I love the plentiful options and choices of  the times we live in it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by so much information, so many tutorials, and such high standards. I mean, who among us hasn’t feel like a total failure because our cupcakes aren’t “Pinterest-worthy” after decorating? What happened to the days when merely being edible meant your cupcakes were a success. It’s this age of perfectionism that leads to overwhelm but I have a secret weapon to help fight mental fatigue – the Mind & Body collection from Chesapeake Bay Candle. 

Finding balance and practicing self-love is so important and too often we neglect it in favor of crossing one more thing off of our never-ending to-do list (I promise you, those to-dos will be there for you tomorrow). It seems as though everyone I talk to has a million-and-one demands on their time every day and is on the edge of a total breakdown. I’ve been there quite often myself lately between my career, my blog, my marriage, and the actual life I try to find time to enjoy each week.  

How to use Chesapeake Bay Candle company for aromatherapy

I’ve learned to prioritize tasks, set reasonable goals, and schedule in time to renew my mind and body with self-love, prayer, and aromatherapy. Right now, I’m loving the Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body collection which is an artfully curated line of home fragrance products which are designed to promote wellness. 

“With the rise of the new technologies our lives have become super organized,” said Mei Xu, co-owner and CEO of Chesapeake Bay Candle. “But we are not happier. We need to slow down and find time for ourselves. I wanted to design a home fragrance collection that helps people to achieve a state of balance and peace inside, so they can share their joy and energy with others. The Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body collection invites you to pause, to find a moment of stillness and to enjoy the simple pleasure of fragrance.”

I love having these candles in my home because I believe that your home should be a relaxing and comforting sanctuary from the outside world. I believe that every home should have a wealth of fluffy pillows, warm blankets, puppies, and fragrant candles to promote a feeling of comfort, love, and relaxation. It’s just hard to feel stressed out with the smell of Cashmere Jasmine (which is designed to promote peace and tranquility) in the air. 

How to use Chesapeake Bay Candle company for aromatherapy

Chesapeake Bay Candle Mind & Body collection includes 10 multi-note scents and are available in small, medium, and large jar candles; reed diffusers; and pillar candles. They are all gorgeous! I am all about keeping my home clean and simple with soft colors and fabrics that promote relaxation so the Chesapeake Bay Candle Mind & Body collection fits right in with the clean, minimalistic design including a palette of soft pastel colors have been applied to the frosted glass. The soft colored frosted jar candles allow the light of the flame to shine through when burning which creates a beautiful gentle ambiance perfect for those moments when you need serenity and gentleness.

My current collection at home includes the Joy + Laughter large jar candlePeace + Tranquility large jar candleReflection + Clarity medium jar candle, and a Balance + Harmony reed diffuser.

There has been a bit of a gentle debate at home over which scent is the best. I have strong feelings for the Joy + Laughter large jar candle which I keep in our living room to encourage positivity, joyfulness, and a lot of giggles over my lame jokes (example: Did you hear about that seaside restaurant that served only dolphin? It didn’t have many customers, but it sure served a porpoise! Hahahaha). Brandon prefers the Balance + Harmony reed diffuser because it has a scent of waterlily pear and he’s all about tropical scents. I keep it in the bedroom though because that is definitely a place to promote harmony. In fact, we actually have a family rule which states that there is no fighting or arguing in the bedroom. It just creates a bad energy so all of that noise stays out of rooms that promote love in all forms. 

How to use Chesapeake Bay Candle company for aromatherapy

The Chesapeake Bay Candle products I’m loving…

All Chesapeake Bay Candle are made from a natural soy wax blend which delivers a clean burn and feature self-trimming lead-free cotton wicks and fragrances that are skillfully enhanced with all natural essential oils. All of the candles I’m featuring today have been designed and poured in the USA. They are absolutely some of the best candles I’ve ever purchased and you can tell how committed to their product this company really is.

Here are a few extra details about each of the items I’m burning, smelling, and enjoying right now.

Joy + Laughter Large Jar Candle

  • Fragrance Details: Cranberry Dahlia – A blissful fruity top of cassis, cranberry and plum nectar smiles at the crest. Rose and dahlia meet in the middle with pink peppercorn as a note of a full-bodied red wine sings sweetly of past memories and family gatherings. Cedarwood and mahogany ground this fragrance as a touch of spice adds complexity to an overall light and gleeful air.
  • All natural essential oil: Orange Peel, Lemon, Cedarwood
  • Glass color: Pink – lifting your mood with its bright and luminous shade

Peace + Tranquility Large Jar Candle 

  • Fragrance Details: Cashmere Jasmine – Fresh clean and airy notes of lily of the valley and bergamot do not betray the relaxing nature of this fragrant aroma. Escape into the comforting arms of exotic jasmine, cotton blossom and rose as they soften the atmosphere. This peaceful floral combination pleasantly rests of delicate cashmere woods, white musk and sandalwood.
  • All natural essential oil: Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Cedarwood
  • Glass color: White – a symbol of purity and tranquility representing a safe environment

Reflection + Clarity Medium Jar Candle 

  • Fragrance Details: Sea Salt Sage – Allow the mind time for quiet contemplation with soothing notes of chamomile, eucalytpus, and lavender. Bright cyclamen and botanical cedarwood cut through the noise of everyday hustle and bustle. Sea salt, clary sage, and thyme clear the air, with an inspiring freshness akin to a brisk morning sunrise reflecting on the shores of the bay.
  • All natural essential oil: Orange, Chamomile, Lavender, Laurel, Patchouli, Tea
  • Glass color: Blue – the color of the sky and the sea, soothing to the eye and the mind 

Balance + Harmony Reed Diffuser 

  • Fragrance Details: Waterlily Pear – Fragrance description: The combination of juicy tropical fruits, ripened peach, and delicious pear rises through the soul of this harmonious fragrance. Fresh petals of rose, violet, waterlily, and cyclamen dance around watery greens and creamy coconut. Add a sense of balance to your interior and bring the outdoors in as sandalwood fuses with the green foliage and subtle rosewood.
  • Includes essential oils of: orange oil

How to use Chesapeake Bay Candle company for aromatherapy

Where to place your Chesapeake Bay Candle

So…funny story. 

I have mad love for candles because of my mother who used to burn them all of the time. Every room in our home had at least one candle burning at all times if my mom was home. She literally kept a lighter in her pocket just so she could light a candle as she passed through the room. They were always on shelves, on tables, in window sills, etc. and our home smelled so good! But, my Dad was always terrified that she was going to forget that a candle was lit and catch the house on fire so he would go behind her and blow them all back out after she left the room. It was never-ending and used to crack me and my siblings up as kids. Every year for Christmas I still buy my mom a candle and my dad a reed diffuser. Ha! 

While I don’t exactly condone my mother’s practice of burning all candles in all rooms at all times, I do enjoy finding their proper placement to help promote the correct mood in the correct room at the correct time. Here are a few of my favorite scents and placements:

Place the Joy + Laughter Large Jar Candle (Cranberry Dahlia fragrance) in the living room, family room, or other room that hosts family and friends during gatherings. This scent encourages joy and laughter which is great when you’re trying to create a friendly and fun environment.

Place the Peace + Tranquility Large Jar Candle (Cashmere Jasmine fragrance) in guest bedrooms, reading nooks, dens, or meditation/prayer spaces. This scent promotes peace and tranquility which is exactly what I am seeking while I’m reading or praying. I’ll also use this in guest rooms when I have company coming into the city to help them unwind after their travels (and fighting Atlanta traffic). 

Place the Reflection + Clarity Medium Jar Candle (Sea Salt Sage fragrance) in the kitchen, dining room, office, or outdoor porch/patio. I love keeping this scent in the dining room because it encourages clarity which is how I like to start my day. I love to burn this scent while I’m making breakfast so it helps to clear my mind and bring focus or when I’m in my home office working. During the spring, when the weather is gorgeous here in Georgia, I’ll often take it and burn it outside on my back patio while I drink my tea and spend time in meditation and prayer over the days and the schedule ahead.

Place the Balance + Harmony Reed Diffuser (Waterlily Pear fragrance) in the master bedroom. The waterlily pear scent is perfect for the master bedroom because it focuses in on harmony which is a feeling you should be encouraging in your marital safe space. This should be the room where you and your partner turn for intimate connection and bonding with one another and a scent like waterlily pear is perfect for creating a soothing and balanced environment. I also prefer reed diffusers over candles for the bedroom because I can fall asleep to the scents surrounding me without worry about leaving a flame burning all night.

Visit the Chesapeake Bay Candle company website to see even more of their incredible products and choose the scents that are right for bringing balance to your family and our home. 

How to use Chesapeake Bay Candle company for aromatherapy

Chesapeake Bay Candle Giveaway

I’m sure that by now you’re dying to get your hands on a couple of Chesapeake Bay Candle and I’ve got you covered right here! I’d love for you to enter the giveaway below so you can win and really see for yourself why I’m so in love with these products for my home. Good luck! 

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  1. These candles sound amazing! I have to have candles burning in my house. Something about the scents and just actually seeing the candles burning is so calming to me! I struggle to find candles that will actually fill my main level with scent because my ceilings are so dang high, but I’ll have to give these a try!

  2. These all look great! I think I would like the Peace and Tranquility one the best because I love jasmine. It’s so cool that they have created a collection like this! I always burn candles to relax. The jars are so beautiful too!

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