Quick Cleaning Tips for Your Busiest Days

Anyone else have an obsession with buying cleaning supplies? It seems like I can’t walk past the cleaning aisle without stopping and picking up another spray bottle of something or one more set of sponges. I have 7 bottles of Drano under my bathroom sink right now for no reason other than knowing I’ll never have to endure a clogged drain. Last week my new Shark Rocket with DuoClean arrived so now I’ve been on a vacuuming binge as well. Brandon has laughed at my cleaning madness but I’m dismissing it as early spring cleaning. 

I keep reminding him that it’s not often that we have the time to deep clean our home the way it needs (especially with two dogs) so he should enjoy it when I go on a binge like this. On a normal day we just clean as we can in 5 or 10 minutes here or there. It’s never perfect but it’s always good enough and the dishes are always taken care of (dirty dishes are my biggest annoyance).

We like to take a divide and conquer approach. We each sort of have our own responsibilities (I dust and vacuum, he does laundry) which helps us keep up on it a bit more and not feel overwhelmed. Rather than feeling like I have to do #allthethings I just focus on the things I do. I can run the Shark Rocket with DuoClean over the carpet in one room and feel like I accomplished something. Sometimes it’s the little things. 😉 

Even on your busiest days you can get a little bit of cleaning done and help your home feel put together. These are a few of my favorite quick cleaning tasks you can do even on your busiest day.


I’m taking advantage of my time right now to deep clean and it’s feeling so good! My carpets are clean (like, ridiculously clean), my surfaces are disinfected, and the house smells wonderful. I am waiting for the weather to warm up just a few more degrees so I can open up the windows and really embrace this new season we are in. In just a few short days it’ll be back to the full grind back to quick cleaning habits. Fortunately, I have quick cleaning down to a science.

Here are just a few of my favorite quick cleaning tips:

Create a schedule 

I live by my Happy Planner. I ordered it from Amazon at the end of last year and it’s fabulous! I schedule my day and actually pencil in time to clean. Sounds weird, but it’s not. I mean, let’s say I have to leave at 2:00pm to go to a doctor’s appointment. I’ll pencil 1:45pm – 2:00pm as cleaning time. It’s only 15 minutes but it’s long enough to vacuum my bedroom, empty the dishwasher, or wipe down my countertops. Just seeing it on the calendar helps me focus on it as something that needs to be done because I have a visual reminder telling me to do it. 

Sanitize the grossest surfaces

When I say grossest surfaces I mean your toilets and your sinks. I know it’s hard to believe but your kitchen sink actually carries more germs than your toilet (disgusting, right?). If I only have a few minutes I focus on those surfaces. I’ll drop a new bleach tablet into the toilet, spray a cleaner or pour bleach into the toilet, or sanitize the kitchen sink with a disinfectant.

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Clean the garbage disposal

There have been occasions when our garbage disposal smells foul and since our kitchen is near our front door, it’s basically the worst thing ever. It’s not something I think about until it happens but then I immediately regret not paying closer attention to keeping it clean. I have learned to keep a supply of Disposer Care under my sink so whenever I have a few moments to spare I’ll drop one down the garbage disposal and let it go to work. If you don’t have Disposer Care you can also use a cut up lemon, ice cubes, and salt just be sure to grind and rinse after an hour or so.

Vacuum a room

Shark was kind enough to send me a Shark Rocket with DuoClean so I could check it out and share it with you. It arrived recently and I’ve been a vacuuming fiend since then. I had no idea how much my old vacuum was missing until I did a onceover with the Shark Rocket with DuoClean. I’m a little ashamed to admit it but I had to empty the dirt container twice after one pass through my living room. Eek! This thing just sucks up dirt like no other vacuum I’ve ever seen. It’s slender size is deceiving because it’s unbelievably powerful. You can quickly vacuum the floors in any room in a matter of minutes so if you only have a couple to spare try a quick pass through a bedroom, hallway, or over an area rug. 

Remove clogs from shower drains

I’ve seen too many memes to think that I’m the only woman that sheds a lot of hair in the shower. It’s actually been a problem at every place we’ve ever lived which is why I keep that supply of Drano I mentioned earlier. I pour about a half bottle of Drano down my shower drain every two weeks to keep the drain free of hairball clogs. Once you pour it down the drain leave it for 30 – 60 minutes before running water down the drain. It’s one of the easiest set it and forget it cleaning tasks.

Purge your junk drawer

I have two of these (one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom) and it seems that no matter how much of it I toss it’s always overflowing with crap. I recently added purging my junk drawer to my quick cleaning list because it’s something I can easily work on if I have 10 free minutes. Even if I only throw away a couple of things it’s still better than it was before I touched it. Minimal progress is still progress.

When do you get started on your spring cleaning? What is your least-favorite household chore (mine is dirty dishes)? Tweet me @ashleyfromhp or drop your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. That vacuum looks awesome! I am one that always follows a cleaning schedule because If I don’t, things get so out of hand so quickly! Great tips!

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