Skincare for a Happy Face in Any Place

In just a couple of days it’s going to be October which means the cooler temps are going to start arriving soon. I’m excited about it because this will be the first real fall / winter I’ve experienced since I was 4. We moved to south Florida when I was 4 and down there fall means that temperatures hit about 70-degrees. Even when we lived in Atlanta, fall / winter wasn’t that cold except for a few days here and there. Overall, it was pretty moderate so I’m excited about these cold seasons but I’m absolutely not ready. I haven’t prepared at all. I inventoried my closet the other day and there are like 3 sweaters and almost no boots or scarves. So, while I’m physically here in West Virginia I feel like my wardrobe is trapped in a southern summer.

As I was stressing over the upcoming cold a few weeks ago Pour Moi Beauty reached out and offered to let me try their climate-smart day cream. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity so at least I can say my face is ready for the cooler weather, haha.

Improve your skincare game with Pour Moi and the first climate-smart day cream available. There is formula for you no matter where you live so you can be sure to have a happy face in any place. This skincare treatment is perfect for dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin. I promise there's a perfect cream for you. #skincare #dryskin #oilyskin #combinationskin #daycream

Pour Moi Day Cream for a happy face in any place. This day cream is climate-smart so there's guaranteed to be a formula to match your local environment.

The climate-smart skin care line from Pour Moi features four options for day cream:

  • Polar Day Cream (for cold and dry winters / low temperatures and humidity)
  • Desert Day Cream (for hot and dry summers / high temperatures and low humidity)
  • Temperate Day Cream (for mild temperatures)
  • Tropical Day Cream (for hot and humid summers / high temperature and humidity)

I was conflicted about my choice because I felt like torn between the Temperate Day Cream and the Polar Day Cream. In the end I chose the Polar Day Cream because it’s such a dramatic change and we are planning to go on a few trips (snowboarding!) this winter. For most of my life I’ve lived in the deep south and I worried that my skin was going to struggle to adjust to true winter weather. I figured I’d rather be safe and go with the day cream that was offering the most moisture and cold-weather protection. 

Pour Moi Day Cream for a happy face in any place. This day cream is climate-smart so there's guaranteed to be a formula to match your local environment.

I feel like I made the right decision because after using only a few drops of the Polar Day Cream I’ve noticed a significant difference in my skin. I’ve always tried to take good care of my face because your face is the one part of you that is consistently exposed to environmental changes. It’s so important to take facial skin care seriously! Pour Moi Beauty has the first climate-smart skin care line which helps your skin maintain its natural ability to stay hydrated. With Pour Moi Beauty, no matter where you live, they have a product to help you have a happy face in any place.

It literally only takes 2 drops of the Pour Moi Polar Day Cream to cover my entire face and neck. TWO DROPS. I was concerned at first because when I compared the price to the size of the bottle  I was like…this is going to be expensive but that’s so not true. Even though the bottle is small it’ll last a long time because it takes so little to get good quality coverage. This bottle is going to easily last me the entire winter so by the time I need a new one, spring will be here and I won’t be worrying about polar climates anymore.

This is seriously the best day cream I’ve ever tried. I promise you, you’ll love it! Visit their website to learn more about Pour Moi.

What are your favorite fall / winter skincare products? Share your recommendations with me @ashleyfromhp or in the comments below.

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