Planning Your No-Dig Garden

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Due to the winter storm that rolled through yesterday our trip to Pittsburgh was delayed. I don’t have new dates worked out yet but as soon as I do I’ll let you know. Since we were just hanging out at home last night letting the snow rage outside I decided to settle down with my new copy of Charles Dowding’s Veg Journal.

This year we are in the market to buy our own farm so I’ll likely be doing a lot of container gardening again. I can’t tear up the soil in our current community and our lease isn’t up until June. This Veg Journal is about planning a no-dig garden so I can’t implement much of it until fall, 2018 or later but I’m still studying in preparation.

Learn how to plan your no-dig garden with this easy journal and monthly checklists. Tips via Honey and Pine #gardening #nodig #nodiggardening #gardenplanning

We’ve been doing a lot of garden dreaming and planning lately. Brandon has been scoping out greenhouse plans and pond layouts. I’ve been researching various gardening methods and what grows best in our region of the US. I’ve been really fascinated by the no-dig garden method and the back to eden garden method.

The no-dig garden method is a long-established way to grow healthy, organic crops while preserving the soil’s integrity. If you’re interested in the no-dig method this book is a fabulous resource. It contains key dates for sowing, staking, harvesting, and storing more than 35 vegetables and herbs. It also includes monthly checklists and prompts to keep you on track throughout the year.

Learn how to plan your no-dig garden with this easy journal and monthly checklists. Tips via Honey and Pine #gardening #nodig #nodiggardening #gardenplanning

Learn how to plan your no-dig garden with this easy journal and monthly checklists. Tips via Honey and Pine #gardening #nodig #nodiggardening #gardenplanning

I shared the veggies I plan to grow this year in this post and even though I’ll be gardening in containers again Charles Dowding’s Veg Journal has been a tremendous help in getting me organized for the new season. He offers suggested jobs for each month and the book includes section for you to write and plan. It’s a one-stop resource for mapping out your plan of attack and staying on top of things. It’s also straight to the point and doesn’t include a lot of jargon to overwhelm the newbies among us (like yours truly).

In my last reader survey a lot of you were asking about gardening resources, especially for beginners, and this is a fabulous resource. Even if you’re stuck with container gardening (like me) for now this book has a lot of great information to share. It’s not overwhelming though. He breaks it down month-by-month so you can take it slow. As long as you follow his outline you’ll be good. For less than $10 on Amazon, this is definitely a gardening book you want in your library especially if you’re just getting started with the no-dig garden method.

Have you started planning your garden yet? What are you growing this year?

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