Knit Hats and Doggie T-Shirts

We had such big plans for this past weekend. We were going to head down to Midtown for the Christmas parade and check out a new brew restaurant in the area. We also planned to do a little bit of shopping because my husband wanted new jeans and I needed a couple of sweaters now the cool weather is officially here to stay.

Unfortunately, the weather opted not to cooperate with us so it was rainy and overcast all weekend. Due to the rain we skipped the parade in Midtown and headed north to one of our favorite malls. We were on a mission to find relaxed fit jeans (because we are in agreement that this skinny jean trend for men is just terrible). We had no idea how difficult it would be to find relaxed fit jeans for men but after a dozen stores and a couple of hours we finally found a perfect fit of Citizens of Humanity jeans at Nordstrom. I tried to snag a photo for the blog but I was shot a look that said, “Don’t you dare” so I didn’t, but maybe next time.

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I unexpectedly found a new Atlanta Falcons knit hat that I scooped up because it was on a crazy sale and I love hats. I hadn’t planned to buy one but I saw it, loved it, tried it on, and was immediately smitten. If anyone is looking for Christmas gift ideas for me… 😉 



  • Price: $18.19
  • Price: $29.99
  • Price: $18.19

We also stopped long enough to run into PetSmart for a couple of dog shirts.

Laugh at crazy people like me that dress up their dogs all you want but my super short-haired little dogs shiver badly when they are outside and it's cold so I put an extra layer on them to help keep them warm. Plus, they look adorable. 

I picked up a little t-shirt that says, "Like a Boss" for my chihuahua because, well, as I'm sure you've heard chihuahua's are small dogs with big attitudes.

We bought our chiweenie a t-shirt that says, "Ok, but first a cookie" which completely cracked me up because it made me think of that whole, "Ok, but first coffee" quote that we see everywhere these days.

As soon as I put it on him he started to wiggle and prance around like he just knew that he was oh-so-handsome. Lol.

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I tried desperately to get pictures of the dogs that were worth sharing on the blog but I eventually gave up. They had zero interest in obeying commands or sitting pretty for pictures. Normally I can tempt them with a treat or wear them out with a toy but I had no such luck this weekend. I took about 200 pictures and finally just decided to go with what I had. Life is too short to fight with a dog over pictures.


Brandon also decided to pick up some new dog toys while we were there. We bought a ghost, a witch, and a mummy back for Halloween but they tore those apart ridiculously fast. When we were waiting in the checkout lane we found Christmas toys on sale for about $2 a piece so we picked up a reindeer for the chihuahua and a snowman for the chiweenie. 

Those toys were basically the remainder of our weekend. We played and played and played and played some more in an attempt to wear them out. It worked...briefly. They seem to recover fast. When I'm worn out it takes me at least 6 - 9 hours of sleep before I feel better but my dogs? All they need is a 20-minute power nap and they are ready to go again. 

All in all, it was a great weekend full of puppy love and lots of shopping! <3

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    • Thank you so much! I love dressing up my pups. It took a long time to get my husband on board with the idea but now that he is he admits they look kinda cute. Lol. I don’t usually wear bold lips like that but the mood struck me and I went with it. 🙂 It never looks as dark in photos as I feel in person. I need to get over being so self-conscious.

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