I Love Cooking with Amar’e

A few months ago I received a copy of Cooking with Amar’e in the mail. I was excited to try out new recipes for my family but Brandon was just excited to see that I was happy about something that was related in any way back to the NBA. Lol. 

Amar’e Stoudemire is a power forward for the New York Knicks and a six-time NBA All-Star. A married father of four, Amar’e is dedicated to helping children learn. Along with his wife, he founded the Alexis and Amar’e Stoudemire Foundation to creatively inspire youth to get an education and avoid poverty, and he authored a semiautobiographical children’s series, STAT, to inspire young readers. Amar’e is also an actor, producer, motivational speaker, and co-owner of Hapoel Basketball Team of Jerusalem.

Amar’e Stoudemire teamed up with his personal chef, Chef Maxcel Hardy III, to create this cookbook full of recipes that Amar’e has learned to cook and share with his family. I was pretty excited to dig into it and find some great new recipes to share with Brandon. Of course, Brandon is a vegetarian so I had to either scour for the veggie options or choose to slightly alter the recipe to suit a vegetarian lifestyle. Thankfully, there were a lot of great options in Cooking with Amar’e. The Roasted Vegetable and Goat Cheese Flatbread is one of our favorites. I have made it multiple times in the last month.

Cooking with Amar'e is an amazing cookbook full of simple to make and delicious family recipes.

I’ve seen a few people online complaining about Cooking with Amar’e saying that the recipes are nothing a normal family would make for dinner but I strongly disagree. The food is healthy and the meals aren’t complicated at all so long as you can follow simple instructions. It also helps if you understand cooking lingo such as the difference between mince, dice, and chop.

I find that the most time-consuming part of all of the recipes in this book is preparing the vegetables so I just dice, chop, slice, etc everything on Sunday then put it in labeled tupperware containers until it’s time to try the recipe.

Staying true to his sports background the book claims the recipes are designed for “pros and rookies in the kitchen” and I would agree with that. If you want to cook quality healthy meals, this cookbook will help you do it. If you’re just looking to whip up something quickly and get it on the table you may want to look elsewhere. As simple as I found these recipes, I would absolutely agree that you have to enjoy your time in the kitchen in order to execute these properly.

Cooking with Amar'e is an amazing cookbook full of simple to make and delicious family recipes.

Get a copy of Cooking with Amar’e. What’s your favorite cookbook? Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen preparing meals for your family or do you prefer quick and simple?

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  1. Looks like a great cookbook and I am all about following the instructions so cooking isnt generally too challenging for me. Unless I find some SUPER fancy meals that require a mil steps. This looks like a great one to have on hand!

    • This is a really great one to have on hand. It’s probably the best one I’ve bought in about a year or so. Everything feels really high quality but they are all simple to make as long as you follow the instructions.

  2. These recipes look super yummy and fresh! We’re in such a cooking rut. This would really liven things up!

    • Cooking ruts are the WORST! I try to meal plan for 30 days at a time (I rarely do but it’s the goal) so I don’t make the same thing too many times but life happens.

  3. I haven’t heard of this recipe book but it looks good! I just bought Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Cravings’ and I’m so excited to try it 🙂

  4. The pictures you shared certainly make me interested. I wonder if the recipes would be easy to alter to fit my dietary needs.

  5. Cook book looks great, I love the images. I’ve only seen my grandma’s older books and none of them have images.

  6. I love collecting cookbooks, but I have never heard of this cookbook. It sounds like one that would be perfect for my growing collection, though! – HilLesha

  7. How cool.. I did now know he wrote a cookbook, He was one of my favorite players!! Those recipes look delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    • My husband is an enormous NBA fan and he loves when I have that one on display in my kitchen. Lol. He shares a lot about his family and time he spent learning to cook from his personal chef.

  8. I think the guys would like this. They all seem to like and respect ball players. I bet my husband knows of him and would like to have this cookbook just because of who he is.

  9. I need a new cookbook with some fun new ideas! This looks so great because it has so much personality with it too!

  10. These look so cool! I love exploring new recipes and cooking books so I will need to add this one to my latest wishlist.

  11. Those goat cheese flatbread pizzas sounds tasty. That’s the fun part of getting a new cookbook: trying out all the recipes.

  12. This looks like a great cookbook! I love the idea of chopping all the veggies on Sunday – that would save an enormous amount of time for me. My most used cookbook is the Better Homes & Garden Cook Book – I use it for everything!

    • I have the BHG cookbook too! In fact, the book underneath Amare’s in the picture is a BHG book. LOL. And I always chop my veggies on Sunday and store them in tupperware for the week ahead. It makes things SO much faster during the week.

  13. Even with pinterest and online recipes, I still love a good cookbook! This one sounds wonderful. I will have to pick it up!

  14. I love an easy recipe! Maybe this cookbook would make my husband more interested in cooking more than just spaghetti!

  15. Trying something different is always a go in my house. I’ve never heard of the book but everything looks yummy.

  16. quick and simple is my preferred cooking style. Less prep and cooking time the better. I keep telling DH that if I had a new kitchen I might be more inclined to cook – so far it hasn’t worked!

  17. My favorite and go to cookbook has been an Indian one I have. I would love to try this one out! I’m always looking for good cookbooks.

  18. Even though I read a lot of food blogs I seem to still go to cookbooks when it’s time to try something new. That’s why I love when food bloggers release their own cookbooks.

  19. I love cookbooks. I love collecting them Sometimes it is just nice to have a book around. Apps aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

  20. I love cooking big elaborate when I have the time set aside to do it. But on a normal day quick and simple are best!

  21. Oooo this cookbook sounds pretty awesome!!!! I love to cook so I might just have to check this out for myself!

  22. I haven’t heard of this one yet! I love cookbooks, I have quite a few at home! When I can’t figure out what I want to make, these cookbooks are amazing! I can’t wait to try this one!

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