How to Show Love Without Words

Learn how to show love to everyone in your life without words.

Love is one of the founding principles in my life and showing it is one of the things I try to do consciously each day. I was thinking about it the other day and thought it would be a good idea to put a list together to show you how to show love without words.

Some of these can apply to different people and can be used to show love to your spouse, your children, your extended family, your friends, your co-workers, etc.

How to Show Love Without Words

Make a phone call to check-in and say hello

Cook a favorite meal or dish

Give them praise

Create a 365-Day journal of love. Each day write down one thing that happened that day that reminded you of why you fell in love with your spouse. Give it to them next New Year’s.

Give small gifts

Give them “Me” time by taking care of potential distractions for the day

Brag about them (in moderation) in public

Say “Thank You” for the things they do

Show patience

Apologize first and suppress the need to win

Be present while spending time together. Put away your phone and engage with your spouse/child/friend/etc.

Leave a large tip for your server

Spare a dollar to a street performer or someone who needs help

Volunteer your time

Be extra considerate.

Open doors, carry a bag, help someone pick up something they dropped

Write a Thank You note

Do the thing you don’t want to do (like call the doctor or take out the trash) or go to the place you don’t want to go (like the game or the theatre). Do it without complaint.

Send a Thinking of You card

Grant forgiveness without an apology

Encourage their dreams

Sometimes it’s just about taking time to be there for someone or share a few kind words. We are all pulled in so many directions each day that it’s easy to unintentionally put things and to-dos above people. I try to consciously do at least 2 – 3 extra things per day to show love or kindness to the people in my life. I recommend trying it, it’s good for you heart to make others feel good. 


  1. Thank you for sharing. People are not always looking for words, but more so an active love. Which can be presented in the smallest of ways.

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