How to Make Cake and Master Your Skills + Giveaway!

The first time I tried to bake a pie the crust was so hard it broke my knife, #TrueStory so I switched to baking cakes. I quickly learned that I seriously know how to make cake! They don’t always look like the prettiest things since I’m not great at decorating a cake but when it comes to baking a cake, I can bake for sure. Our favorite is a lemon pudding cake although I made a white chocolate mousse cake with a raspberry drizzle one year for Christmas that almost topped the list.

I know how to make cake but, despite being a good cake baker, I don’t feel like I’ve mastered my skills. I know there is so much to learn which is why I registered for Mastering Cake on Workshop. If you don’t have the Workshop app you can get it free on either iOS or Android. 

How to make cake on the Workshop app

Mastering Cake is a workshop by Benjamina Ebuehi who you may know from The Great British Bake Off if you’re a foodie television addict like me.

The Mastering Cake workshop is broken down into an introduction, 4 modules teaching the skills you need to learn how to make cake, plus a baking challenge:

  • Introduction – Essential Baking Skills
  • Module 1 – Classic Sponge
  • Module 2 – Flavouring Sponges
  • Module 3 – One-Bowl Cakes
  • Module 4 – N0-Fat Swiss Roll
  • Summary
  • Challenge 

It’s easy to follow and it’s nearly impossible to get lost while following the modules. All of the ingredients you need are clearly laid out on the screen and it doesn’t move ahead until you’ve confirmed you have gathered them all. Each step is short and concise, with an option to replay it before it moves ahead. It’s so much easier than watching those cooking shows I love and truly teaches you the baking skills you need to make cake.

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how to make cake on the mastering cake workshop

Through the Mastering Cake workshop you’ll learn how to make a variety of cakes including how to master the perfect fluffy sponge cake, how to make a one-bowl carrot cake (Brandon’s favorite), a Swiss roll, and lemon and raspberry drizzle cake (my personal favorite).

I watched the modules a couple of times and was easily able to whip up a lemon drizzle cake for our anniversary last weekend. It was absolutely fabulous! Honestly, if the lack of leftovers is any indication, it was one of the best cakes I’ve ever made. 

how to make the perfect sponge cake

How to make lemon sponge cake

Are you ready to master your own cake making skills?

I’ve been provided with two codes which allow you to access the workshop for free! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Don’t forget to check out Benji’s blog at Carrot & Crumb and download the Workshop app

*I was provided complimentary access to the Mastering Cake workshop in exchange for this post. All opinions and recommendations are my own.*

Now, tell me, what’s your favorite type of cake?

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  1. Yum! This reminds me of the Great British Baking Show! I almost made a cake for my book club dessert tonight, but I went with panna cotta this time. Your bundt cake looks so beautiful and delicious, I need to make one soon

  2. I can’t bake to save my life! That cake looks delicious and now I am going to be wanting cake all evening! LOL…. The workshop app sounds very interesting, so will deff have to check it out.

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