How Blog Readers Can Support Their Favorite Bloggers

I used to try to keep my blogging world separate from my real-life world. I had my blogging universe and then, separately, I had real-life. The two didn’t mix and that was all fine and well with me. That changed when we moved to Atlanta. In Atlanta, there a lot of bloggers and the line between blog-life and real-life started to blur as I began meeting some bloggers in person, and then those bloggers became friends. Suddenly there was no longer a blog-life and a real-life. It was all mingled.

My blog started to come up in day-to-day conversations. Blog friends met real-life friends. Family started following my blog. My boss at work started asking about WordPress coding. My worlds were colliding. It was starting to get real. It was kind of freaking me out. Then one day a non-blogging friend said,

“I so don’t understand blogging but if there’s ever anything I can do to help you out…”

Ever wonder what you can do to support your favorite bloggers? This list lets you know exactly what you can do to show your favorite bloggers how much you love them and want to support them. Via Honey & Pine #blogging #bloggingtips #blogadvice

How can you support your favorite bloggers?

There are a few things you can do, things like…

Follow on social media

I can guarantee that you that your favorite blogger has dozens of ways for you to follow him/her. Pick one (or all) and follow us. Like our pages on Facebook; Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram; Subscribe to us by e-mail or on BlogLovin’. It’s a huge help. Bloggers are often evaluated based on their social reach so your number on that network means a lot.

Leave a comment 

One of the factors that is used when a brand or company evaluates a bloggers’ influence is how many comments they have on their posts and what their reader engagement is like. Responding to a tweet is good because it helps raise our Klout score and commenting on Facebook is good because it expands the Facebook post reach but comments on the actual post are the best. When our blog is being evaluated for a new brand partnership or a paid campaign the number of comments on a post is indeed a deciding factor in whether or not we are accepted (and, of course, they make our day!).

Share our content

Did we write a post that you particularly loved? Did we share a great tip, talk about a cool new app, or touch on a subject that you found interesting? Then, please, share it. Send the link out on Twitter, pin an image to your Pinterest board, share it on your FB feed, stumble it in to the StumbleUpon directory, e-mail it to a friend, whatever you can do to share the post and say to the world, “Hey, I liked this so you should read it too.”

Tell people about us

Go ahead, tell your friends, family, neighbors, church, etc about our blogs. Write down our link. Talk to them about a story we shared. Recommend us. The only way that we can grow and reach a new audience is by our current audience helping us spread the word. I love when I receive an e-mail from someone saying, “So-and-so told me about your blog so I thought I’d come check you out. Happy to connect with you! I love your posts.” It just warms me from my heart to the tips of my toes.

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Visit regularly

This is easy, right? Seriously…just stopping by and can be a huge boost to us because it helps us maintain our traffic stats and, if you visit more than one page or posts while you’re here you can help us reduce our bounce rate (the percentage of people that only visit one page before leaving) which are both huge for helping us grow and expand our networks. Your visit increases, or at least stabilizes, my stats so just pop-in.

Click our links

This is probably the one that makes you cringe, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t. You follow your favorite blogger(s) because you like them, connect with them, and trust them. Why then do you cringe at the idea of clicking a link? I’ll let you in on a secret because if you’re here, I like you. If you see a blogger sharing a link to a free sample or a special coupon it’s likely a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. These campaigns typically pay out $0.60 – $0.80 per click so sure, your blogger friend may make a few coins off your click but since it’s a coupon or a sample it’s not costing you anything.

Buy through affiliates

I’ve had to explain affiliate relationships to dozens of family members and friends. I know that there are people out there who, as soon as they see a disclaimer about affiliate links, immediately distrust the post. Please don’t do that. Trust your blogger friends! Here are a few truths about affiliate links and relationships:

  • No, it does not cost you any extra money to purchase through an affiliate link.
  • Yes, the blogger will make a commission and that commission is very small. If you buy a book through an affiliate link I might make $0.03. If you buy a shirt I might make $0.86 or $1.14 depending on the shirt.
  • Yes, we’re being honest with you when we talk about them. If you don’t believe this one then you should reconsider why you’re following the blogger to begin with; after all, why would you continue to read the blog of someone you didn’t feel like you could trust?

Blogging friends, do you have anything else to add to the list? 

Want to learn how to support your favorite bloggers? Today, I'm sharing 7 easy things you can do to show bloggers love and encourage them.

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  1. Awesome! I just shared this to my facebook wall. I need my readers to do all of these things. Especially on adsense….good grief. I made less than a dollar last month :/

    • Kristin, I gave up on AdSense. I was lucky to pay $0.11 or $0.14 per day so I just dropped it. I also didn’t like that I didn’t have full control over what displayed so I switched it out for affiliate ads that I can control. I’ve found better success with them too. It’s something to think about. πŸ™‚

      • I’m luck if I get .01 a day :/
        With the Affiliate ads you use, is there a requirement for how many views/day or views/month I have to have?

        • Kristin, a lot of days I hit $0.04 or $0.02 on AdSense so don’t fret over only hitting $0.01. I’ve had plenty of $0.00 days too. With the affiliates once you’re approved to run their ads there isn’t really a requirement. You don’t even have to run their ads, you just have the option to do. My favorite network is Shareasale (ModCloth, Shutterfly, Minted, PicMonkey, etc). The links to the affiliate networks are on my Resources page up in my top menu. πŸ™‚ Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or want to “talk shop”.

    • Thanks Erica! It feels like non-bloggers think they can’t do anything to help when that’s so far from the truth. They are the very foundation for everything we do.

  2. This is a great post! Blogging isn’t free and it’s nice to be able to earn a little doing something you love! Also sharing on FB!

    • You’re right about that Kim! I mean, I expect to have to put money into a passion or a hobby so I don’t really mind that but it is nice when those who read us, and build relationships with us, show a little love in support. I had a friend who was talking to me about sponsored content networks the other day and she said, “Do you have a referral link?” Of course I did so I sent it to her but it made my day that’d she ask so I could get credit for her sign-up. It’s those little things that mean so much.

      And thanks for sharing! I really appreciate that.

  3. Great tips! Helpful to any reader! I’ve noticed most of my readers are bloggers as well so it’s nice seeing we help each other out but would love to get some non-blogger readers as well.

    • If I’m being honest Melissa I’m not really sure if most of my readers are bloggers or not. I feel like those that comment are primarily bloggers themselves but when I reach out and ask my FB community or when I do a reader survey I receive a lot of responses that say they aren’t bloggers so maybe my commenters are bloggers and my lurkers are non-bloggers? Either way, it’s such a great feeling when you have a strong community of support!

    • Good luck Kimberly! I know that I continually see and hear that the best way to get what you want is to ask specifically for it. That’s why I thought this post would be a good idea. It’s best to tell non-bloggers exactly what they can do to support us and then hope that they take it to heart.

  4. I love this post! When I started blogging I just expected my friends and family would be support. But I have learned they didn’t know how to be! I am going to share this post.

    • I know exactly what you mean Whitney. I just sort of assumed that my family and friends, the ones who knew I was blogging, would be supportive. I thought, “They love me, of course they will support me.” but eventually, like you, I realized that they would but they didn’t know how.

      Thank you for sharing! I really appreciate it.

    • Thanks Brittany! I’m with you completely. I love checking my posts and seeing how many times they have been shared. It makes me smile to see those numbers grow, it’s a great way to reach a new audience.

  5. I love this post. It is exactly what I would tell my friends and family. Thank you for putting it all out there and making it simple.

  6. I love this! My friend and family will tell me they read something on my blog and I’m always asking – did you share it? Did you comment? I’m going to be sharing this on my personal Facebook page, for sure.

    • I have a lot of people IRL that read my blog but they never share it. A few have even said, “Yeah, but I read it!” and I know. It’s great that they read it and give me that traffic but it means so much if they share it and help bring in even more traffic!

  7. Excellent post. Blogging is like a foreign language to non bloggers and this gave some really clear easy to understand ideas on how they support their favorite blogger.

  8. Great blog post and so true, nothing better than connecting with similar people and helping each other out in the blogging world πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad you liked it Sam and I’m glad it was able to help me connect with so many new people. I’ve loved seeing the response this post has generated. πŸ™‚

  9. Yes to ALL of these tips! I get so excited when my “real life” friends share my content, leave comments on my blog, or just mention something to me in passing about a recent post! It makes me so excited because I’m gaining a totally different audience then my blogging community.

    • Thanks Chelsie! I love when I get comments from new people. I get so crazy excited because it means that not only did someone new find my site BUT they took the time to say hello too. I mean, I know some people lurk around and don’t usually comment but it means a lot when they say something.

  10. As the family member of a blogger, I think I’ve heard most of this before, but it’s helpful to find it all in one place! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Mary! If you’ve heard it before that speaks great for me because it makes me feel like what I said is validated in a way. These are just things that really important to us, as bloggers. It means the world to us when we feel like people care enough to engage with a passion of ours.

  11. I love this article. Even when I receive good traffic, my engagement is so low and it’s something that I continuously struggle with. I receive very few comments and FB interactions. It can be really trying because often I feel like – if no one is commenting then I guess people aren’t really digging my blog?! But then people will tell me how they read it everyday, etc. I try not to get too sidetracked with lack of comments…but I echo your sentiments above! All of these things make such a difference!!

    • I know that feeling so well Rachel. Sometimes I’ll write a post and it gets great comments and then a day or two later the next post is silent. Sometimes a post will be shared 100’s of times and other times it isn’t shared at all. It starts to get in your head, then it gets in your heart, then you start doubting yourself and you want to give up. It’s tough. I know. If it’s any consolation I love your blog and I’m trying to make a more deliberate effort to comment on the blogs of the people I love.

  12. I love the new spin. I mostly read about bloggers to bloggers but bloggers to the audience is much more insightful. I love how you try to explain what we do in order to keep blogging and how they can help. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much!! I think a lot of bloggers ‘know’ what other bloggers need to grow and develop but those non-blogging readers need more guidance. It’s like telling someone to RT a tweet or to share a FB post. People are more likely to do something if you tell them exactly what to do.

  13. 1,000 percent YES. And especially: if you don’t want to click the link, why are you following the blogger? If you like me, what I have to say, then maybe give me the benefit of the doubt! I actually haven’t monetized my blog that far, so if I’m telling you to click something it’s really not for my gain…at all.

    I love this. Saving to share Monday as it’s a question I’ve gotten a few times.

    • Thanks so much for sharing it Randi! I really appreciate it. I do write sponsored posts and I do use affiliate links but I’m not a spammy dishonest person and I feel like my readers know that about me. I don’t get why they would trust most of my content and then be scared of a link.

      • I hear ya sister. And what you said before about things getting in your head, then in your heart. Spot, Freaking, ON.

        I actually had to take a hiatus because of that very issue. I was letting lack of feedback and obsessing over analytics drive me away from writing. I wish I could be like, “and then I waved a magic wand and voila! Problems all solved. I roll in money like scrooge mcduck and I’m beloved by millions.”

        ha. But. I’m writing again. And I’m letting that be enough. Thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve!

  14. YES!!! ALL THE AMEN!! (i mean obviously i just wrote a similar post haha) but i LOVE the idea of talking about us to friends and stuff. that is INVALUABLE… plus it kinda makes us seem even cooler, am i right?

  15. I love this article so much. It’s hard to combine both real-life with our blogging world. Sometimes I even feel awkward trying to explain my blogging life with my friends and family. I don’t think they “get it” but I’m trying to change that. I wish more would click, comment and share my posts because I work hard at them and I’m always sharing their good news, etc. Having support behind you only helps you along the way!!! Great post!!

    • Thanks so much Christine! I don’t think a lot of people in my life, outside of the blogosphere, really “get it” either but I keep trying to explain it to them. I know they read it because they mention it to me later to talk about it. I keep telling them to open the discussion on the blog but they never do. πŸ™ Oh well…I have a lot of amazing online friends who do get it.

    • Thanks Madison! This is an older post (at least 6+ months ago I think) but it’s as true today as the day I wrote it. A lot of my FB followers aren’t bloggers themselves so I wrote this for them, to tell them how they can still help support me. It is so comforting to know that even though they don’t “get” blogging they are still cheering me on. πŸ™‚

  16. I don’t get why some people are distrustful of affiliate links. I mean, why *wouldn’t* you want your blogger friend to get a few pennies on a book or t-shirt you were going to buy anyway. And it’s not like a blog post could convince someone to buy a book or t-shirt that they would otherwise choose not to buy β€” “It’s a really silly t-shirt, and this book is in a genre I don’t enjoy, but this blogger is making me buy them so she’ll get a fat commission” β€” ??

    Sigh. But I love your ideas for how we as readers can help our blogger friends. I think a lot of people don’t know that likes and follows and comments can be important financially as well as socially/emotionally.

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