Homemaking and Homesteading Instagrammers to Follow

A couple of years ago everyone would have thought I was certifiably insane if I had told them Brandon and I would move to West Virginia and be in the market to buy a little farm of our own. At the time he loved the beach and I craved the city. A farm in the mountains was the farthest thing from the heart or mind of either of us. Yet, here we are today and that’s exactly the position we’re in. I admit, it does make me laugh sometimes because I remember that as a child a farm in the mountains was all I ever wanted. I grew up and fell away from the dream yet it appears I’ve come full circle. 

He and I have very specific requirements for our little farm. We have land requirements so we can raise farm animals and crops. I want at least an acre I can dedicate to crops and a garden while Brandon wants to add a greenhouse for other plants. We’re hoping to find a place with a house but for the right piece of land we’re willing to build. My only real must-have is a basement although I’d be over the moon if we could find a place with a root cellar as well. 

I’ve been working hard on shifting my mindset away from the city and into homesteading. I’ve unfollowed hundreds of blogs and social media accounts I used to follow and replaced them with blogs and accounts that aspire me to continue chasing this new dream of ours. Today I wanted to share some of the homemaking and homesteading Instagrammers that are inspiring me in this new season of our lives; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 🙂 

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Kristin Rogers

I love the gentle way she infuses her faith into everything she shares and how genuine her photos feel. 

Kristin Rogers, Homemaking Instagram Account

Lisa Steele / Fresh Eggs Daily

Anyone with any interest whatsoever in raising chickens should be following this account. It’s so informative!

Lisa Steele from Fresh Eggs Daily is a Homesteading Instagrammer

Kate / Longest Acre Farm

I love the humor Kate includes in her captions and the images of her little farm are so idyllic. 

Kate from Longest Acre Farm is a Homesteading Instagrammer

The Prairie Homestead

I lovvvvvve following Jill on IG! I’ve learned so much about farm life and simple living since I’ve connected with her Instagram.

The Prairie Homestead, Homesteading Instagrammer

Aaren / Well Fed Farm

I have been loving Aaren’s Instagram lately. I love her rustic food shots and her dogs always make me smile. 

Wellfed Farm, a Farming Instagram

There are a ton of others (I’m currently following about 800+ instagrammers) but those are the ones that have really inspired me lately. 

I’ll keep you all updated on our search for our own little farm; hopefully it won’t take us too long to find a place we can call our own. Then I’ll be sharing everything we learn about gardening, growing our own crops, and raising farm animals. I’ve been doing a lot of studying lately. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve also added 6 – 8 new Pinterest boards. This city-to-farm journey has given us new life and brought us a new sense of meaning and fulfillment we’ve been lacking lately. 

He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers. – Psalm 1:3

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