Homemaker Essentials: The Address Book

Thank you to the Royal Horticultural Society for the complimentary address book and sponsoring this address book giveaway

I was so excited to check the mail after we returned from our trip to Myrtle Beach. There were a few packages I had been expecting that didn’t arrive before we left but, sure enough, they were all waiting for me when we got home. Seeing the address book from the Royal Horticultural Society made me really happy because they were kind enough to send a second copy I can give away to you!

I love this adorable address book from the Royal Horticultural Society!

The RHS Floral Desk Address Book is covered in linen cloth with embossing and had a beautiful gold ribbon marker. As soon as I opened it I sat down to add the addresses, phone numbers, and emails of family and friends. Since we are coming up on the holidays and I have cards to send out in two weeks, this was the perfect motivation to sit down and make sure everyone’s contact information is up to date and current.

The interior of the book is separated into color-coded alphabetical sections and beautiful floral images from the world-famous RHS Lindley Library. It’s gorgeous!

A linen cloth covered address book from the Royal Horticultural Society

This beautiful address book from the Royal Horticultural Society makes the perfect gift!

Over the years I’ve transitioned almost all of my records to digital format but for some reason I still love having an address book around. I do keep a digital address book stored in Minted but I love having this one on my desk for written record keeping. To me, an address book is a basic homemaking essential every woman should have in her home.

This address book from RHS has plenty of pages per letter so you’re very unlikely to run out of room when you’re adding your contacts. It’s a beautiful addition to your home office and would make a perfect gift for someone this holiday season!

The Royal Horticultural Society was founded in 1804 and has established itself as the UK’s leading gardening charity, with the aim of inspiring passion and excellence in the science, art and practice of horticulture. The world-famous RHS Lindley Library holds unique collections of early printed books on gardening, botanical art and photographs as well as several collections of drawings made by Asian artists. 

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Do you organize contacts in your address book alphabetically by First Name or Last Name? 

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  1. I still have an address book! I’ve got digital info recorded also, but there’s still something about have an old-fashioned book that I enjoy! It’s about time to pull it out with Christmas cards coming soon! PS GORGEOUS photos! They are stunning!

    • Thank you so much Christine! i appreciate you saying that and I totally get what you mean about having an old-fashioned book to refer to. There are some things I just want to have written down and addresses are one of them.

  2. I list them by their last name. What a gorgeous address book! I have never heard of the Royal Horticultural Society, but now that I have I will be all over it! I am on the board of the North Shore Horticultural Society in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA, and in fact, I am hosting our monthly board meeting at my home tonight. I also maintain our FB page, and I am working on a website for our group that was started in 1899 by landscapers on the estates of Manchester and Beverly Farms. I will go to the RHS website and share their info with our members. I think their things would make great gifts for the raffle at our regular meetings!

    • I used to list them by last name but it was easier for me to remember them if I recorded them by first name so I switched. πŸ™‚

      I asked the RHS if I could share their PR email with you. Maybe you’ll be able to work out some way to work together. That’s fantastic that you do that in MA!

  3. I remember my mom had a black address book she kept up to date. It’s gone missing in he last few years. I’ve been meaning to get a new one going so I can actually have numbers and addresses for extended family down.

    • Aw Jess, it’s a shame that it’s been lost! πŸ™ Fingers crossed you win this one or are able to get a new one soon. I love having a physical address book to keep records.

  4. Paper address books are like a little bit of history, an archive of crossed-out past addresses and old phone numbers, and sometimes even people you used to be close with and aren’t anymore, and people who’ve passed away. Every so often I retire mine and get a new one but I’d never throw them away. I can’t imagine switching to digital.

    Sorting by last name makes the most sense to me since it groups families together. My family is all under G, his stepmom and brothers are all under C, and so on.

    • I can’t toss mine either. I’m too committed to the history and the relationships in them although there are a few names I’ve furiously scribbled out in the past. πŸ˜‰ I’m still attached to the books.

    • Oh! See? Now that’s smart. I would have crossed them off and written in a new space, filling up my book too fast. Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that are the smartest.

  5. I organize by last name. I have not kept up with this recently, what a lovely book this would be to inspire me to catch up and get organized! Feeling inspired……

  6. I don’t own an address book but I really do need one because I have scraps of paper everywhere with peoples addresses

    • I’ve been there too and it can be so overwhelming. I used to keep the envelopes from the cards / letters they sent but that turned into a giant box of envelopes and I could never tell if it was current. Good luck to you!

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