Holiday Hostess Emergency Essentials

Who else is hosting Thanksgiving next week? On another note, how is it already Thanksgiving next week? It feels like yesterday I was debating on whether or not I should buy candy for Halloween because one hand if we got trick-or-treaters I’d need it but if we didn’t I end up eating it all myself. I ended up buying the candy then we went out on Halloween. Obviously I’m not good at things like planning ahead of holidays so how I got roped in to co-hosting Thanksgiving I’ll never know but I am.

This year Thanksgiving is at my parent’s house but we’ll be spending the night there on Wednesday so we’ll be there bright and early on Thursday to plan, cook, and serve. I have a bunch of dishes to make that morning and I’m always worried about a million what-ifs since it’s also hunting season, there will be bonfires, there will be a lot of extra company and there are going to be a lot of dogs and kids running around. I am trying to be prepared in case of a (mild) emergency so I made a list of holiday hostess emergency essentials. 

Be prepared to be the hostess with the mostess by having your home fully stocked with these holiday hostess emergency essentials! Via Honey and Pine #hosting #hostess #holidays #essentials

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Vinegar – For the unexpected spill, sticky counter, and other quick swipes Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Vinegar is able to rescue the situation. As a bonus, it’s chemical-free and smells fantastic!

Craftster’s Mini Sewing Kit – Don’t let your guests face the embarrassment of a missing button, broken zipper, or sudden tear while at your home for the holidays. Be prepared with a mini sewing kit which has all of the essentials you need to repair mild wardrobe mishaps.

Clorox Stain Removal Pen – Ok, these pens are a straight up gift from God! I’ve used them a ton of unexpected stains and they are able to get just about everything out. If this pen doesn’t work, it likely can’t be removed. For guests wearing white, make sure you have a Clorox Bleach Pen on hand as the Stain Removal Pen works best on colors.

Alcohol Wipes – Alcohol wipes should be a staple in your home anyway but double-check your supply and make sure you’re stocked before you receive guests. If anyone suffers any kind of scrape or scratch, you can clean it right up without a worry.

Tylenol Packs – I know you probably already have Tylenol around but stay with me here. Stock up on these Tylenol refill packs so that if anyone needs Tylenol to fight a headache or ease pain, you can slip them a pack without having to open the bottle a dozen times. The last thing you want is everyone’s hands on the medicine bottle. This keeps everyone’s hands off the bottle and allows you hand over only what is needed.

Tampons – Ahem, YES. Whether you need them yourself or not it’s good to keep a box on hand. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a guest subtly whisper to me that they were in need and desperately hoping I had a few on hand I could offer them. Cycles can be weird during the holidays and often show up at unexpected times. You’ll be a hero if you have these available (in various sizes).

Club Soda – Again, for pesky spills, stains, or drips this is fantastic to have on hand. If you get on a spill quick (especially a spill on a blouse or shirt) a quick dabbing with club soda is likely to get it out. Tuck a bottle or two in the cabinet for just these emergency situations.

Puzzles – No, I’m not kidding. Sometimes you think the kids will be able to play outside but the weather doesn’t cooperate. Sometimes you think you’ll always have the TV or the tablets to fall back on but what if the cable goes out or the wi-fi drops? Things happen and I’ve always found puzzles to be a great plan Z when nothing else is working out. They are time-consuming and people of all ages seem to enjoy them. Plus, they are cheap so just toss them in the storage closet to be retrieved if needed.

Band-Aids – Double check, Triple check, and check one last time to make sure you have a full stock of Band-Aids in your guest bathroom or linen closet. When in doubt, pick them up and pick up a variety of sizes. It never fails at one of our family holidays for there to be a slip of a knife in the kitchen, a fall and scrape outside, or some other incident that requires a small bandage. 96% of the time we’re fully stocked but there have been times when we opened the box to find it empty or down to our last one. These are cheap so make sure you have a fully stocked box ready for your guests when they arrive. 

Anything I forgot? Share your must-have holiday hostess emergency essentials with me @ashleyfromhp or in the comments below.

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