Hello Summer!

It’s the first day of summer!!! Officially. If you’re anything like us you’ve probably been in “summer mode” for a few weeks but now it’s for real and I’m loving every second of it. It’s so funny spending summer in West Virginia this year instead of down in Atlanta, GA. Every morning when I wake up and open the windows I see fog rolling up out of the mountain valley. By 9am or 10am it’s gone, the sun is shining, and the mountains are a brilliant green which is gorgeous, but not the city view I’m used to seeing. We are adapting but it’s definitely different. 

Since we know that living up north means that summer is going to actually end this year (rather than lasting well into late October / November) we are trying to get outside a lot more often and enjoy it. We are planning to go hiking along the 17 miles of trails we have nearby and we are thinking of trying out kayaking sometime soon. Last week Brandon took me down to the basketball court to try to teach me how to make a free throw. That, umm, didn’t go so well. I’m 5’2″ and I think it’s best I just accept that basketball is a big man’s sport. I did snap some photos of Brandon practicing though. πŸ˜‰ 

We’ve also spent a lot of time at the dog park with the pups (as I wrote about yesterday). They are loving it although Tebow (the chihuahua) seems to be especially prone to overheating. Despite being sure that he has plenty to drink and is staying cool, I’ve had to carry him back twice. I can’t tell if he’s really that exhausted or if he’s just playing me for a fool. Either way, he’s obviously spoiled. 

I’ve been wanting to take the dogs out on the hiking trails with us but I’m concerned that Tebow won’t make it. The last thing I want to do is get 1-2 miles out on the trails and have him flop down and demand to be carried. I need to either leave him at home (which makes me feel bad), buy a mountain bike with a dog-friendly basket, or buy a backpack he can ride in. I’m not sure if a dog basket on a mountain bike or a doggie backpack is sillier but I’m entertaining both ideas. They love being outside, but the chihuahua just can’t handle the heat, lol.

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We also started our little garden last week! It’s not much right now (mostly herbs and an indigo tomato plant) but I spotted some of the most gorgeous flowers at Lowe’s and I need to figure out a way to incorporate them somehow.

Summer in Charleston, WV

The little area we have outside that I can dedicate to gardening is best suited for herbs and vegetables. Plus, since Brandon is a vegetarian we eat a lot of vegetables. It makes more financial sense for us to grow your own on our patio versus heading to the store every 3 – 4 days to restock. While I really want flowers out there, I’m not certain they are going to work out. I could hang them in hanging baskets but I’m also considering hanging strings of outside lights or a bird feeder since there is so much wildlife. I can’t decide. This is the first time I’ve had a great outdoor space to work with and I’m feeling paralyzed by choices!

Other than that, we are planning a couple quick summer road trips and I have about half of my summer editorial calendar planned (can you believe it?!). It’s full of so much good stuff including new summer recipes, road trip tips (and lessons learned, I’m sure!), and, of course, my favorite summer reading list recommendations. Summer has always been Brandon’s favorite season and this year I’m trying hard to celebrate it the best I can for him. We have three months to make this the best summer we’ve ever had. I’m excited! So much happening this year! πŸ™‚ 

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  1. You should definitely try the kayaking would be a lot of fun up there πŸ™‚ Or white water rafting! Love those hydrangeas…no front area they could go in so your herbs and veggies could grow in the back? In the Carolina’s my friends had a hummingbird feeder and they used to come around in Spring/Summer…so pretty to watch them hover and eat.

    • No, my front area is kind of oddly positioned and heavily shaded. It doesn’t really have a front porch area. In fact, we are using our back door as our front door because it has a gorgeous view and sidewalk leading right to it. My parents have a hummingbird feeder at the cabin. They have a ton of birds! We mostly have rabbits + deer.

  2. I went a little too crazy buying plants this year. It’s really the first time in years I’ve been able to have the space and time to have plants again so I went a little overboard. Unfortunately all my herbs died and I think my pepper plants are on the way there too. My tomato plants are doing okay though!

    • πŸ™ I thought my parsley was going to die but it made a comeback! Apparently I wasn’t watering it enough. I tried peppers a year or two ago but couldn’t keep it alive. I’m glad you have space to garden now though! That’s exciting!

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