The 7 Craziest Things I Googled While Trying to Conceive

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It’s not a secret that, for the last couple of months, my husband and I have been trying to conceive. After my miscarriage last year (which my new Atlanta doctor is telling me was really more of a chemical pregnancy than a miscarriage since I was only 4 weeks along. No matter what you call it, it was heartbreaking and it discouraged us from trying for about a year. Now that we’re back to trying (with a little help from my doctor and Astroglide TTC) I feel like every month I’m running off to Google to look up every single silly little thing just to search for a glimmer of hope that this month might be the month we finally see a BFP on a home test. And yes, I know that stress isn’t good for me and I need to just relax but that’s easier said than done.

It's easy to go a little crazy when you're trying to conceive. Google can be your best friend and your worst nightmare. I've become obsessed with googling every little thing, including these 7 ridiculous things. Via Honey & Pine #ttc #tryingtoconceive #infertility

In the 5 years that we’ve been together we’ve made a lot of great memories. We’ve lived in 3 different states, added 2 sweet dogs, visited multiple states (including my family farm in West Virginia) and shared a lot of new experiences. I spent a lot of my childhood visiting family in West Virginia and I want to build those same memories with our children. Our last trip there this past July I took my husband to the covered bridge that is basically a landmark in our family. I want to recreate this picture one day with our baby, God willing.

Unfortunately, this month I don’t have any exciting baby news to share with you all. We’re still trying, hoping, and praying that God’s timing eventually coincides with ours but that hasn’t happened yet. We know that eventually it will because we know that God is with us. We’re praying over it. We know God has a great purpose for everything He does.

When I spoke to my doctor this month I mentioned that we’ve been using Astroglide TTC Trying to Conceive lately. It’s specially formulated for couples who are trying to conceive because Astroglide TTC supports fertility with adjusted pH levels. He was completely in favor of us continuing to use it so two big thumbs up for that! 

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Want to learn more about Astroglide TTC? Check out their video here. So, without further ado, here are 7 of the craziest (or maybe not so crazy? I don’t know) things I’ve Googled while trying to conceive over the last few months.

What does it look like when a pregnant woman glows?

I mean, I know it isn’t like a glow-in-the-dark glow but seriously…what kind of glow?

Does pregnancy cause sinus congestion?

Because I had a stuffy nose and was hoping maybe it meant I was pregnant…

Can my dog tell I’m pregnant before I do? 

My chiweenie was being extra snuggly and I was hoping maybe it was a sign that he knew something I didn’t. 

Pictures of implantation bleeding?

What?!? TMI? Whatever. I mean, if it comes I’d like to have some idea what I’m seeing instead of wondering.

How much will my breasts leak in early pregnancy? 

I heard that some women have this happen. I didn’t want another surprise!

Is constipation a sign of early pregnancy? Diarrhea?

Let’s be honest…gross stuff happens when your body starts changing.

Chinese gender prediction

I saw a woman in a forum mention something about a Chinese gender prediction calendar that would supposedly be able to predict the gender of the child based upon your age and the month of conception. I thought it would be fun (but I know that only God will determine the gender of my future child).

And so we wait (and I Google) and we pray that soon God answers our prayers and blesses us with a sweet little one we can call our baby.

What is/was the craziest thing you Googled about pregnancy? What is one thing that surprised you about your pregnancy? 


  1. I’m sending you the very best thoughts 🙂
    I also googled crazy stuff when I was trying to get pregnant with my daughter. What I remember most are trying to find out what were those early symptoms like veins in your chest, etc. Also I googled a lot of message boards about the 2 week wait.

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