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Canvas Makeup Bag – This bag is responsible for saving at least a dozen of my handbags. I used to be notorious for tossing my makeup into the little zipper pouch or a side compartment of my handbag. It never failed to eventually open and stain the interior. Once that happens, it’s near impossible to remove. This bag is perfect because it’s able to hold a lot of items and easily tosses into your bag when you are heading out. Plus, it’s cute enough to sit out on the counter top when you’re at home. Definitely a favorite! 

Holiday gift guide for her! Includes gifts for your wife, mother, sister, and other women in your life. – I started using for audio books when I lived in Atlanta and let me tell you, it’s the best thing ever. I don’t always have hours to sit and read but I do always have time to listen. I’ll use audible while I’m driving, waiting in line, or sitting at the doctor’s office. It’s a fantastic service for book lovers. You can read more about how I use it here.

Clarisonic Mia2 – Clarisonic skincare tools are coming back in a big way and the Mia2 has knocked my socks off recently. I’m usually super hesitant to use skincare tools at home but this one is absolutely fabulous! I received one as a PR sample a couple of weeks ago and it truly does leave your skin feeling soft and clean. It’s a great investment and saves on trips to the salon for facials! 

Chesapeake Bay Candle – My love for Chesapeake Bay Candle company runs deep. I have written about them multiple times here on Honey & Pine. They are a must-have in my home and they smell amazing! They also seem to last forever which is great for people like me who always seem to have candles burning. This collection features smaller candles (about 10 hours of burn time each) so it makes a great gift. They can try them out and choose their favorite scent before investing in larger jar candles for their home.

Journal – I love journals and so do almost every woman I know. This cute one here is from Minted and they let you customize the colors, interior, and back cover of the journal when you order it. You also have the option to order it as an address book, weekly planner, or monthly planner if you think she’d prefer one of those styles. I love keeping my journal with me for Bible journaling, quick notes, or other personal thoughts / records throughout the day. You can also never have too many journals so if she already has 1 (or 5) don’t worry, I promise she’ll be happy to have another!

Blanket Scarf – Ask any woman her thoughts on blanket scarves and they’ll all tell you the same thing – they are amazing and unbelievably warm. There are dozens of ways to wear them, they keep you toasty during the winter, and they are adorable to boot. In fact, I’m wrapped in one as I write this (no lie). You can never, ever, ever go wrong with blanket scarves so when in doubt, toss one in your shopping cart and wrap it up. I guarantee they’ll love it. 

Apron – If she loves to be in the kitchen as much as I do then you can’t go wrong with an apron from Flirty Aprons! I am brand-loyal to Flirty Aprons because their aprons have proven to be both cute and durable. They’ve saved a lot of my clothes from being splattered with grease or sauce and should be a staple in every woman’s kitchen. The styles range from flirtatious to classic. There are even some that feature witty quotes. 

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer – If there is one complaint I hear over and over again from my family and friends it’s that while our iPhones have made it easier than ever to snap pictures it also makes us less likely to print them and keep them. I know people that lost or damaged their phones and lost months worth of images because they weren’t backed up or printed. This sprocket makes it so easy to save your images! It connects to your social media accounts and there’s a connected app so you can select the image you want to print and print on the go. It’s incredible and an amazing holiday gift idea.

Infusion Water Bottle – My sister-in-law bought me an infusion water bottle as a gift last year and I have loved it! It is BPA-free and easily lets you infuse your water with various fruits or vegetables, based on your preference. There are also markings on the bottle that serve as benchmarks to help you stay hydrated all day. I use mine while working at my desk, while out on a hike, at the gym, etc. It’s basically with me everywhere I go. 

I hope you enjoyed our 2017 Gift Guide for Her! Still need shopping inspiration? Check our more gift guides from Honey & Pine.

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