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Today I’m going to help you find your lifestyle blog niche because I am so tired of lifestyle bloggers being told they have to niche down or that lifestyle blogging isn’t a niche of and on its own. I have a lot of (former) blogger friends that quit blogging because they couldn’t figure out how to niche down enough and didn’t believe that the lifestyle blog niche could work for them. Anyone that tells that you that there is no such thing as a lifestyle blog niche is wrong. Lifestyle blogging is absolutely niche and has the ability to be extremely successful if you learn how to properly present your lifestyle to your audience. 

To properly present your lifestyle I mean you have to take a look around you and figure out exactly what you and your life are all about. What kind of life do you live? What makes you tick? Why did you decide to live your life the way that you do instead of one of the other thousands of lifestyle choices?

I love lifestyle blogs but even they need to be focused and find their niche. On Honey & Pine I'm sharing how to find your niche as a lifestyle blogger and start building a successful and engaging lifestyle blog. #blogging #lifestyleblogging #bloggingtips

I love lifestyle blogs but even they need to be focused and find their niche. On Honey & Pine I'm sharing how to find your niche as a lifestyle blogger and start building a successful and engaging lifestyle blog. #blogging #lifestyleblogging #bloggingtips

Do a brain dump

Grab a sheet of paper and do a 3-minute brain dump. Set your cell phone timer (you’re a blogger, I know it’s literally sitting right next to you) for 3 minutes and then write down as many words as possible about who you are and your lifestyle. For example, my brain dump included words like – childless, wife, dog-mom, rural, country, simple, gardener, book-lover, real food, teacher, back to basics. In total, I think I filled up almost an entire sheet of paper with the words I associated with myself and my life. Once you have those written down, you can sort through them to find your lifestyle blog niche. 

To find your descriptive words, consider the following:

  • Do you live in an urban area or a rural area?
  • Do you have children? Are you child-free? Are you currently childless and trying?
  • Do you work full-time and manage your household or are you a stay-at-home spouse?
  • Is your husband or partner a stay-at-home partner instead?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you live in a tiny home? An urban studio? A farmhouse?
  • Are you outdoorsy? Do you garden and grow your own food?
  • Are you minimalist?
  • Are you all about bright colors and surrounding yourself with eclectic things you love?

Identify your expertise

Now that you have your brain dump list of words, sort through them and circle the ones that you feel more accurately define who you are and the kind of lifestyle your blog represents. Then, try to identify why those words most accurately define your lifestyle and how you connect with them. Two of the words I identify with the most strongly are simple and back-to-basics. My personal connection to those words comes from my time spent in the corporate world in Tampa, FL, and Atlanta, GA where I lived in the rat race and almost had a nervous breakdown as a result of the constant competitiveness and pressure to excel. For my own mental health, I left that lifestyle, embraced something simpler, and now share that simpler and more casual lifestyle with others. Find what it is about you and your experiences that you’re able to share with others and use that to outline your lifestyle blog niche.

Connect with your “why”

This is the biggest part of finding your lifestyle blog niche because operating a successful lifestyle blog is so much more than, “This is what I did last Saturday…”. You have to turn it in to, “This is why I did what I did last Saturday.” When you tell your readers why everything starts to connect because now your readers don’t just know what you did, they know why you did it.

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Don’t tell me what foundation you bought, tell me why you bought it.

Is that foundation you’re recommending great for people who love spending their summers outdoors at music festivals and local events? Are you telling us about it because you’re an active outdoorsy person and it won’t come off even if you sweat? Do you readers know you’re not really a make-up person but this particular product is perfect for people (like you) who want light coverage? 

Don’t tell me what book you read, tell me why you read it.

Did you spend your senior year of college studying abroad in China and this book appealed to you because it is set in a Chinese city you visited? Do you have an insatiable wanderlust that is cured only by reading books that take you on an adventure? Are you sharing this book because it offers insight into a topic you’re really passionate about and it taught you something new that you feel would resonate with your readers as well?

Don’t just share a recipe with me, tell me why it works for your lifestyle.

Is this recipe perfect for you because you work full-time and it can be on the table in 30 minutes or less? Is this a favorite recipe because you can use the veggies you’ve grown in your own garden (and can you add a gardening tip or two to the post)? Are you an expert on living frugal and the recipe is both cost-effective and a great choice for an at-home date night?   

When you start to tell your readers the why behind your lifestyle decisions it’s easier to relate to you as a person and the lifestyle you blog about.

Find your lifestyle blog niche

You find your lifestyle blog niche when you have a clear of understanding of your lifestyle choices and are able to clearly communicate the why behind your decisions.

Stop listening to people telling you that a lifestyle blog isn’t niched enough because it is enough and you are enough. If you want to write a lifestyle blog then you go right ahead and lifestyle blog! Just make sure you tell people why you chose that lifestyle and how they can live a lifestyle like yours. 

Any other tips for finding your lifestyle blog niche? 

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  1. Thank you!!! I have been trying to start a lifestyle blog and I have asked for feedback from other bloggers. They all told me I need to narrow it down to one specific niche… I don’t want to. I want to write about my life, my pets, my travels, my food, etc. This post was so helpful.

    • If you don’t want to then you don’t have to. I’m sick of people making lifestyle bloggers feel like they can’t share on their blogs the way they want to. Just write from your lifestyle POV and people will dig it. You’ve got me at pets and travel. Mine always travel with me and they seem to like it.

    • Me either. I love writing about my dogs but ALL THE TIME? No. The same w/ books or life in the city or simplicity. They are all parts of who I am and they will all be here. Just rock your own lifestyle and enjoy it!

    • Yes, absolutely FINE. I’m tired of hearing that it’s not. Sure maybe it’s not focused on one thing and one thing only but I get sick of reading about one thing and one thing only all of the time.

  2. This has been the best response regarding lifestyle niche(s) I’ve read ! I’ve been procrastinating on starting my blog for the past 6 mos because I can’t seem to narrow it down to just 1-2 topics. Perhaps 3-4 topics is enough !

    • Yes, 3-4 topics is definitely enough! You don’t have to narrow it down so far that you’re losing interest and passion in the things you write about. Just share from your POV and you can write wherever your heart leads you to write. The most important thing is that you enjoy writing.

  3. This has given me Blogger LIFE!!! I’ve been trying to stay focus on one topic, but I am interested in more than one. Every time I try to stick to one topic I find myself wanting to discuss others. Thank you for posting this. Much love, Smiley.

    • Thank you Smiley! I’ve stressed over categories and narrowing down topics too but I gave on up that because every time I try I lose interest in blogging. I find that I have the most success, most engaged audience, and best traffic when I’m only sharing me and my real life and interests. People will love you if you’re genuine.

  4. Thank you for posting! Lifestyle bogs get so much crap because they are too varied or they don’t have one specific niche, but Lifestyle in itself is a niche!

  5. Hi from Australia! I stumbled across your post recently and it was exactly what I was needing to hear. I’ve just started a blog and everywhere has been telling me that I need to narrow down and find a niche if its going to go anywhere. It was impossible! I have too many interests and well life is made up of so many different facets. Your post has given me the confidence to go ahead and make my blog about who I am and my lifestyle!!! Cheers, Bess (

  6. Hwy Ashley you’ve given me life. GOD I was so frustrated from the fact I had to make specific category blog & you’ve rescued my life by saying there I can blog Everything. Just one thing since lifestyle blog covers most of the category so will PR companies would still would want to collaborate with me?

  7. It was so refreshing to read your article. Finally some ray of hope as every one suggested to choose a niche,but life is not a niche neither am I. Thank you

  8. You got it girl. Ashley, you pummelled the life out of an assumption that lifestyle blogs don’t work. I learned to Never Assume.

    Here I was procrastinating about a Lifestyle niche and I bumped into you.

    Now, I’m at Wow. You resonated like a woman who has remained true to herself. And that is admirable. As I smile at my memories I’m off to write my lifestyle blog. And I’ll never forget to tell ’em Why.

  9. Hey!! Thank you so much for this post! I’ve read a countless amount of blog posts about how to establish your niche. But lately, I’ve been going back and forth from topic to topic trying to organize my life, but I just overwhelmed and confused myself because there is so much going on in my mind… This definitely helped simplify everything so much! It was just the post I needed to come across! I was straying too far off topic and needed to be pulled back down to reality and why I began this journey in the first place. Awesome!

    • Hey Shanai! You’re so welcome and I’m glad I could help you get back on track with your blog. 🙂 It’s so easy to become consumed with “niche” and forget about your real drive and goals. Even if you decide to expand into a monetized business you can do that with a lifestyle blog. Lifestyle businesses are huge.

  10. This is seriously the best article I’ve found on starting a lifestyle blog. I’ve been wanting to start one for a while, but can never seem to figure out what to focus on (and that’s what everyone tells you to do). I love books, decorating, organizing, my dog, health and fitness, and being outdoors; why limit what I write about when all of it is a part of my life. Thank you for this! It’s definitely what I needed to read.

  11. YES!!! THIS 1,000,000 times this! Do you know how long it took me to stop caring what everyone else said about niches and fall in love with my own blog? TOO LONG! thank you for saying this. I needed it sooner but hopefully someone else who needs it will find it.

    Also thank you for including your “Don’t just tell me”s I haven’t thought of this and it’s a great addition for my future posts.

    • Same here Erik. I drove myself insane trying to constantly niche down and it reached a point where I didn’t love my own blog anymore. I started looking at it the way I described in this post and found myself enjoying my blog and building more traffic so it’s totally doable.

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