My Favorite Summer Sandals Under $50

Last week I had my photo shoot at the local farmer’s market here in Charleston, WV with Kelly from Kelly Broyles Photography. Everything about my shoot was going fabulous until I realized I didn’t have summer shoes to match the yellow lace dress I’d bought for the shoot. The night before my shoot I ransacked my closet for a pair of wedges or sandals but no luck. I ended up wearing a pair of black pumps which looked fine but were totally not what I was wanting to wear. I kept asking Brandon, “What happened to all of my shoes?!?” before realized I either trashed or donated them before we left Atlanta. 

My thought process at the time was that the shoes were old and I would buy new ones once we got here. Well, we are here and I still haven’t been shoe shopping. I keep saying I’ll get to it but then I never get around to it. This upcoming weekend Brandon and I are heading to Columbus, Oh for a work event and I intend to hit up the malls there and grab a couple of pair of sandals I can wear for the rest of summer. I’ve been online “window shopping” ever since my shoot and I’ve created a wish list of sorts. Doing this ahead of time helps me avoid impulse shopping when I get in the store. Knowing me I’d come home with 3 more pair of black heels and still not having anything I can wear to the farmer’s market. 

It's summer and today I'm sharing my favorite summer sandals for under $50!

Oh, and since I’m a shorty I classify wedges in the ‘sandal’ category. I’m starting to develop a relationship with flats but we’re not quite there yet. I still look for a little bit of height in my shoes to give me a lift. 😉 These are just a few of the summer sandals I’ve had my eye on lately…

Anything catch your eye? I’d love to know what you’re loving this season! You can tweet me @ashleyfromhp or leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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