Everyday Simple – December 2017 Now Available

Happy DECEMBER everyone! I cannot believe we are 31 days away from welcoming 2018! 2-0-1-8. I don’t know about you but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this one. I’m not ready for a new year to start. There are still a lot of things on my 2017 to-do list that I haven’t done and I hate going into a new year with a to-do list waiting for me. Oh well, moving forward and all we can do is try to be a little bit better tomorrow than we were today and make next year a little bit better than this year. When it gets here, let’s pledge to make 2018 our most organized year yet, ok? 

One of the biggest things I’ve been wanting to do here at Honey & Pine is share monthly homemaking calendars with you. I make one every month for our home and a couple of months ago it struck me that, duh, I should be making them for you too! Then, I talked myself out of it because I thought it was a lame idea and no one would want it. Then, I did a reader survey and as it turns out y’all all said you struggle with exactly the things this calendar is meant to help with so when I sat down to make our 2017 calendar I changed it up a bit and redesigned it as something I could share with you.

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The Everyday Simple December 2017 printable calendar is now available from Honey and Pine. Download it free today and start getting your life and home organized. #Organization #HomeOrganization #CleaningRoutine #CleaningSchedule

Print it out and stick it up on your fridge (at least, that’s what we do) then follow the prompts each day to live everyday simple and avoid overwhelm. I hope you love it and I hope it helps you stay organized all month long.

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