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Smart Solutions for Cleaning Dog Hair From Carpet

Every day I fight the good fight against the hair my dogs insist on leaving all around our home. It feels like I’m constantly finding tumbleweeds of dog hair in the corners of our dining room and cleaning dog hair from carpet in the bedroom. I love my dogs but sometimes I wish I’d gone with a hairless breed. 😉 From the looks of them, you’d never imagine my dogs shed as badly as they do. I have a short-haired chihuahua and a chiweenie. They aren’t exactly known for being big-time shedders but the state of my home begs to differ.

I love my dogs but I don't love the time and energy cleaning dog hair from carpet requires. Fortunately, there are a few smart solutions!

Before we had dogs I’d vacuum once a week. It was plenty. My husband and I don’t make that much of a mess and we leave our shoes by the door to avoid tracking dirt everywhere. Once we became pet owners vacuuming became a daily chore. I was even vacuuming the sofa daily despite the dogs not being allowed on it. I’ve given up on that rule since it didn’t seem to matter and what’s the point of small dogs if you can’t let them on your lap to cuddle? Seriously.

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I love my dogs but I don't love the time and energy cleaning dog hair from carpet requires. Fortunately, there are a few smart solutions!

I love my dogs but I don't love the time and energy cleaning dog hair from carpet requires. Fortunately, there are a few smart solutions!

We’ve had the dogs for a few years now (our oldest is 7!) so I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade along the way. If you struggle with cleaning dog hair from carpet, hopefully one of these smart solutions does the trick for you.

Invest in a good vacuum

Obvious, right? I’ve shared my Shark Rocket with DuoClean with you before (here’s the review) and it’s one of the featured products in my shop. It’s just that good. This vacuum has two brushrolls which work together to remove dirt from your floors and carpets and it comes with a pet multi-tool which pulls pet hair off of furniture and out of carpet. As an extra bonus, it’s super lightweight and converts to a hand vac so you’re able to easily get the fur balls hiding under the furniture and in the corners. The dust cup removes with the push of a button so you can empty it when it’s full and, as an extra bonus, it comes with a hair removal tool so you can clean the hair off the brushroll and keep the vacuum running well.

It is 100% the best cleaning tool in my home and absolutely worth the investment. 

The Shark Rocket with DuoClean is my top choice for cleaning dog hair from carpet!

Rub the carpet with a rubber squeegee

I had never dreamed of using a rubber squeegee on my carpets until I stumbled on this FURemover tool on Amazon. I already had a rubber squeegee at home (I guess crazy weather is good for something after all) so I decided to try it rather than buy a new tool to do the same job. It worked! As it turns out, dog hair is wildly attracted to rubber and comes out of the carpet in spades! Rub the rubber squeegee over the carpet in short strokes and you’ll pull up the hair that’s trapped deep in the carpet fibers. I’ve used it on my carpet and rugs without a problem but I’ve never tried it on my sofa or upholstered furniture. I don’t imagine it’d be a problem but I’ve yet to test it. 

This technique does require a bit of time and energy so I usually do it once a month for a good deep clean. I recommend vacuuming for a quick pass, then using the squeegee, then vacuuming again to suck up all of the hair.

Brush the carpet with a metal bristle hair brush

My dogs hate being groomed but I somehow have still amassed a large collection of dog brushes. Originally, I kept buying them thinking that eventually I’d find a brush they didn’t mind but I was dreaming. They hate all brushes and I’m stuck paying for a groomer every month. Still, those dog brushes aren’t going to waste. The hairbrushes with the metal bristles, like this one, are perfect for cleaning dog hair from carpet. It even gets those deep settled strands of hair to come out. Brush the carpet with the grain then cross and go the other direction to dig out all of the settled in hair. 

When you’re done, pick up what you can and do a quick pass with the vacuum to get the rest.

The Shark Rocket with DuoClean is my top choice for cleaning dog hair from carpet!

I have to crate my dogs while I vacuum because the chihuahua is scared to death and the chiweenie tries to attack the vacuum while I’m cleaning. I mean, he goes insane. Once he bit the the head near the brushroll and actually picked it up while it was running. He’s wild. I crate them for their own safety and the safety of my vacuum. It’s like, I need to be cleaning dog hair from carpet but I also need to make sure my cleaning equipment isn’t destroyed by a semi-feral lap dog. 

When I’m finished with the vacuuming and cleaning I’ll fluff the pillows on the sofa, light a few of my favorite candles, and soak in a few moments of peace and quiet before I release the hounds. Of course, I always reward them with a little treat. Right now we’re all about these super cute Halloween-inspired treats from our favorite Wellness® Natural Pet Food. My dogs have been eating treats from Wellness® and Old Mother Hubbard® Baking Co. for years. Wellness® makes these fantastic little pumpkin-flavored cookies (made with real pumpkin!) that my dogs go crazy for. They are so #basic, haha. If you’re looking for a seasonal treat for your pup, I highly recommend them!

Do you have any favorite tips or solutions for cleaning dog hair from carpet? I’d love to hear them! Drop them in the comments below or come share them in our homemaking Facebook group!