Christmas Eve Traditions to Begin This Year

I love holiday traditions and Christmas Eve traditions are near the very top of my favorites list. I start reviewing community calendars around October looking for holiday events, and parades. I plan shopping schedules, cookie baking, and decorating parties. It’s the one time of year I let myself go crazy with my schedule but to me, the holidays are all about creating and continuing family traditions. 

I love creating holiday traditions and I started our Christmas Eve traditions almost immediately after we were married. I’m a planner and he likes things to be consistent so planning traditions gave us specific things to look forward to every season. Our first three Christmases were spent either moving or facing serious health problems but that made traditions even more important. We knew that looking back on those years was going to be filled with a lot of hard times but those traditions helped us have bright spots to remember.

Today I'm sharing our favorite Christmas Eve traditions. These are some of our favorite ways to spend Christmas Eve and I bet you'll want to steal them for your family too. #christmas #christmaseve #traditions #holidays

We’ve made a list of our favorite Christmas Eve tradition ideas and are starting them when it makes sense for our family. Some of them we are storing away for the special day we become parents. 😉

Christmas Eve Traditions

8 of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions

  1. Attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service at church.
  2. Read the Christmas Story from Luke 2 and share in remembering God’s blessings.
  3. Bake cookies for Santa but don’t give him all of the cookies! Steal a few and settle in for cookies and hot cocoa.
  4. Christmas pajamas! I love this one because not only does everyone get a snuggly new pair of pajamas but those Christmas morning photo ops look fabulous!
  5. Exchange gifts with your spouse before bed especially intimate or special gifts. The special significance can be lost amidst the craziness of Christmas morning so take this time for just the two of you.
  6. Pile all of the kids into a communal room for a Christmas slumber party! They can occupy themselves whispering about and being excited about Christmas while Mom & Dad only have to listen for one opening door.
  7. Help keep the kids locked in by running red and green party streamers across the doorway. If the kids sneak out you will hear the ripping paper and if they don’t sneak out they will be able to bust through in the morning on their way to open gifts.
  8. Unwrap a brand new Christmas-themed book to read before bed. One last story to build up the magic of the holiday.

I love family traditions and I have a lot of fond memories of the ones my parents started with us when we were little kids. They are one of my favorite things about the holidays and I love being able to think back on past holidays and be reminded of how connected these little rituals are to our family. We also try to squeeze in a few special date nights for a bit of extra romance during the busy season. 😉 

Do you have any favorite Christmas Eve traditions? I’d love to hear about them! 

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