The Christian Planner You Need This Year

Last year was my first year using a paper planner and I loved it so this year I decided to go with this Christian planner from Horacio Printing. Previously, I thought I preferred digital planners and I used my phone or tablet for everything but the distractions became overwhelming. I’d try to review my calendar for the week but I had notifications going off left and right which would pull me away to look at something else. I turned off all notifications but it didn’t really help so I switched to a paper planner and was (mostly) happy with the change. The one I had chose had a lot of great features but it always felt like something was missing even though I couldn’t quite sort out what it was. It just felt like a huge part of me was being neglected.

This monthly planner is designed for Christian women looking to organize their lives and grow their faith. It's absolutely one of my favorites! Review via Honey and Pine #faith #planner #christianplanner

This year Horacio Printing reached out to me and offered to send me a complimentary copy of their 2018 Classic Planner, a Christian planner that encourages you to grow in faith as well as keep your life organized. Since I knew I didn’t want to re-purchase the one I used last year I accepted and crossed my fingers that I’d love it. Well, it arrived last week and I’m blown away by how much I adore it.

Christian planner from Horacio Printing

Unlike other planners, this Christian planner from Horacio Printing encourage you to dream big, set bold goals, and record monthly praise reports to help you focus on the goodness of God all throughout the year. Between that encouragement and my own tips for growing closer to God, I’m hoping for this year to be a big year of spiritual growth for me. The beginning of the planner focuses on encouraging you to set your goals for the year, identify the demands on your time, organize your generosity planning, and do a much-needed heart check. The heart check asks you things like:

  • What do I need to let go of?
  • Who do I need to forgive?
  • What fears are holding me back?

So you can identify where you’re struggling and turn to God for help. It’s such a help to put everything down on paper so you can see it and work on letting go of the negative things holding you down throughout the year. Those pages repeat at the start of each season which holds you accountable. Did you let those things go? Did you forgive that person / those people? Are you moving forward in overcoming your fears? Those pages mean so much to me and are by far my favorite feature in the whole planner.

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Christian planner from Horacio Printing

Of course, the praise reports are fabulous because I’m awful at stopping and offering praise where praise is due. To be present in the moment and acknowledge blessings is actually one of the personal goals I’ve set for 2018. I have the tendency to live in tomorrow and always be focused on the future so being in the “now” is a definite adjustment for me. 

This is the kind of Christian planner I’ve been looking for though. I wanted something that was going to help me do more than just organize my life in 2018. I wanted something that would help me grow my faith and work on personal development as well. The Classic Planner from Horacio Printing is exactly what I need and if you have the same goals for this year I know you’ll love it too. 

Christian planner from Horacio Printing

Ashley LaMar with her Christian planner from Horacio Printing

Have you picked up your planner for 2018 yet? If you’re interested in this Christian planner from Horacio Printing you can see it here.

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  1. If I hadn’t already bought my personalized planner a couple months ago I would totally go for this one! Love the layout and the pages at the beginning.

    • I do too. Last year I had the Create365 Happy Planner which was great but I love that this one does the Heart Check pages and the goal setting pages. It’s really well-designed.

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