A Holiday Tradition For Couples That Give Back

Every year my husband and I choose at least one or two organizations to support for the holidays. It’s become one of our favorite holiday traditions. We limit gifts to three (to represent the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh that were given by the three wise men) and then each choose an organization that we want to gift as well. This year Brandon chose the ASPCA and I chose CARE.

I’ve worked with CARE quite a bit this year and they just seemed like a natural fit for my holiday giving. Not to mention, CARE makes it easy thanks to their annual gift catalog (which arrived in my mailbox this past weekend!) 

No lie, I cried a bit as I flipped through the pages. Just before I sat down to go through it for my donations Brandon and I had discussed our gift giving budget. Every year we make certain to include gifts for:

  • Our veterinarian’s office for taking such good care of our boys all year long
  • Our regular servers at our favorite restaurants / coffee shops
  • Our hair stylists and nail technicians
  • Other service providers (mail delivery, trash pickup, etc)

But we also set a monetary limit for each other and this year we decided on a budget of $100. As I flipped through the CARE annual gift catalog I could help but notice how far $100 goes toward changing the lives of those that CARE works so hard to help. While I was dreaming of a pair of earrings or a new handbag I discovered that to other women $100 could:

  • Provide their family with a goat and 2 chickens which provides food and extra income to their family since the eggs and milk can be sold at the market.
  • Provide 4 girls with new school uniforms
  • Buy 3 sets of books so that children can read, study, and build a better future
  • Share a school, well, or mobile health clinic 

and so much more including working to prevent child marriages, provide leadership training and education for girls, and provide medicine to supply local villages and health clinics. It definitely put the Christmas spirit in to perspective.

It’s such a simple thing but truly, it makes the world of difference to us at Christmastime. One of our favorite evenings during the holidays is always the night when we sit around our dining room table, coffee in hand and cookies on a plate, as we sit and discuss where we each decided to donate each year. 

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It’s interesting to see where our hearts feel led each year and what our souls feel convicted to support. It helps draw Brandon and I closer as we share the organization we selected, why we selected them, and why it’s on our heart to support that particular cause. When he made his announcement for 2016 I was not surprised one bit and encouraged his decision. When I mentioned that I was going to support CARE he simply smiled and said, “I love how much you love them.” 

He knows how strong of a passion I have for international charities; supporting young girls and women; and helping impoverished villages build schools and obtain medical care. CARE is the perfect organization for a person like me and I love that 90% of all money donated goes toward helping the people they serve. That’s very important to me.

The life-changing services they provide are astounding and our gifts this holiday season help. Our gifts allow a young girl like Maliyana to dream big and have hope that her dreams can come true. Girls from Malawi in Southern Africa (girls like Maliyana) are sharing their stories through videos on Facebook (here) until December 16th. It would mean to much to me if you’d take a little time to stop in and view at least one of them. It’ll be life-changing (for you and for them).

If you’re ready to start this holiday tradition with your family this year, I ask that you join me in supporting CARE and help change the lives of thousands of young girls and women. 

Haven’t you ever wanted to give a gift that could change someone’s life? Well friend, now is your chance. 

When you’re ready to learn more about this organization that stole my heart, click here to read more about their Gifts of Change and #DreamWithHer.


  1. This sounds really neat! I have been on the lookout for an opportunity like this. I’m going to have to check this out. Thank you so much for sharing this. I think it is really important to share information like this.

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