Capitol Market in Charleston, WV

A couple of weeks ago I met Kelly from Kelly Broyles Photography here in Charleston, WV for a photo shoot at Capitol Market. I wanted to take photos that reflected our new life in West Virginia and that I could use for my media kit, blogging headshots, and on the blog. It didn’t hurt that it was also an easy way for me to meet new people in the area. 

We have another photo shoot coming up that’s going to feature my pups (wish me luck on wrangling the mutts for that one!) and I told Kelly I may put her on retainer to help me out with photography here on the blog. It could use better pictures and she’s amazing at what she does. I’m hoping maybe I can get her to teach me a thing or two as well 😉 but we’ll see about that later. I’ve got enough on my plate at the moment.

She sent me the proofs of my pictures for me to pick out my favorites and it was such a tough choice! I loved so many of them! It didn’t hurt that I had a great talent working so hard to make me look good. I’ve never felt at ease in front of a camera but Kelly made me feel like a million bucks. 

Visiting Capitol Market in Charleston West Virginia

Capitol Market is such a great place! There are a lot of local farmers and artisans there with shops set up so you can browse and pick up the things you need. When we first arrived I was struck by the adorable coffee shop, bakery area, and homemade jams. Some of the jams looked so good! We weren’t really planning to do any shopping while we were there for the photos but I couldn’t resist stopping in a for a few minutes and picking up a couple of things.

There ended up being so many things I wanted to buy (jams, sauces, soaps, plants, flowers, etc) that I have been back 3 times in the two weeks since our shoot. There’s a restaurant on site that I want to check out soon, but I haven’t stopped there to eat yet. Just shopping.

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It’s a fabulous place and I can’t believe it’s so close by. I mean, it’s like 5 minutes from our apartment! 

Visiting Capitol Market in Charleston West Virginia

Visiting Capitol Market in Charleston West Virginia

Visiting Capitol Market in Charleston West Virginia

If you are ever in or around Charleston, WV then you have to stop in and check this place out. Did I mention it’s in a refurbished train station? It is! That’s a cool feature that really attracted me since I love trains. The first apartment Brandon and I ever had together wasn’t far from train tracks and the train rolled by about 3am every morning. A lot of people think that would be annoying but it was comforting to me in a weird way. 

We can hear a train from our new place here as well because the tracks run only a few miles from here. We live at the top of a mountain and the sound echoes up. It makes me smile every time I hear it so there’s just something about trains that makes me really happy.

Visiting Capitol Market in Charleston West Virginia

Visit their website to learn more about Capitol Market. 

Have you ever been to Capitol Market? Have a favorite local market in your area you want to share? Tell me about it on Twitter at @honeyandpineco or leave your thoughts below.

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