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Anyone else feel like they blinked and suddenly winter arrived?

Yesterday I took the pups out on a mini-hike and today I woke up to a foggy mountain full of bare trees. WHAT. HAPPENED? I took the dogs for their morning walk and it was wet and cold. It’s like West Virginia teased me with a few short weeks of fall and now, it’s winter. Even my dog was like WTF mom??? I snapped this shot of him on the trail because he just looks so bewildered by the sudden change. I can’t explain it to him so I snuck him a couple of extra treats when we got home and he was a happy boy again.

Check out the blogs I'm loving this year because I know you'll absolutely love them too!

I know I’m whining (a little) but I’m not completely upset about it. We love winter around here. I know people that know us IRL will be a bit stunned about that because just a few years ago he was all about summer and the beach. What can I say though? People change. Now, we love winter. We live for winter.

Winter means hot cocoa, thick warm socks, and movie nights bundled up together under a flannel blanket. It means warm fires, comfort food, and lazy mornings. It also means a lot more indoor time which I fill by catching up on new books and my favorite blogs. I hopped on Bloglovin’ the other day for the first time in weeks to find literally hundreds of new posts I hadn’t read yet. #Facepalm 

Since it’s 38-degrees outside right now and the dogs are happily sleeping under their favorite warm blanket (previously my favorite warm blanket until they stole it and covered it in dog hair) I’m catching up on some of the posts that caught my eye and thought it’d be a good idea to share my favorite books and blogs with you. 

Check out the blogs I'm loving this year because I know you'll absolutely love them too!

Books I’m Loving

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Blogs I’m Loving

  • Sugar and Charm – Check out this blog for all the beautiful things related to sweet recipes and easy entertaining. She shares fabulous tips for hosting get togethers and her blog is stunningly beautiful.
  • Sugar and Cloth – I know, I know, these two sound so similar! I confuse them frequently when I talk about them but they are both fantastic. They share similar content which makes it even harder to keep them separately but I love to read them both.
  • The Spirited Violet – Previously Stay Gold Autumn, this blog is run by my blogger friend Autumn. I love her blog! She’s totally down to earth and writes for the everygirl so you always feel like can actually do / make the things she shares. Total everygirl goals.
  • Slow Your Home – This blogger is based out of Australia and is leading a rebellion against the fast-paced world we find ourselves living in. She offers a lot of good reminders to slow down and be more present.
  • Hello Rigby – I’m pretty sure I’ve been following Jenn since at least 2014. She was one of the first fashion bloggers I followed (and one of the only ones I still follow) because her style is so attainable. She doesn’t feature anything crazy or so expensive I couldn’t afford to pick it up. It’s style for the everygirl and as a bonus, her Shiba Inu Rigby is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life (other than my own dogs, of course).
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Of course, there are literally dozens of others but those are the ones that caught my attention this week and won my clicks. 😉 If you’re a fan of the Little House books I can’t recommend Caroline: Little House, Revisited enough. It really should be considered a must-read for anyone that grew up with Laura Ingalls Wilder. The books were fantastic adventures when I was a little girl but to revisit the stories from an adult perspective with consideration for Caroline, it’s an interesting new take for sure. You can see more about the book here.

Have any books or blogs to recommend to me? Link them below (and be sure to tell me WHY).

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